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Thread: Robot Maker Says He's Designed A Pocket Robot That Could Replace Your Smartphone

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    Robot Maker Says He's Designed A Pocket Robot That Could Replace Your Smartphone

    And I thought smartphones were annoying...

    Robot Maker Says He's Designed A Pocket Robot That Could Replace Your Smartphone

    LONDON -- A Japanese robot maker says he's designed a personal robot that could be the "next smartphone."

    “You will put him in your pocket and talk to him like your own Jiminy Cricket,” Tomotaka Takahashi, CEO of robot design company Robo Garage and research associate professor at the University of Tokyo, told The WorldPost recently at The WorldPost Future of Work Conference. He said he's aiming to have the pocket robot, which is still just a prototype, hit the market in a year. He has not shown the prototype to anyone publicly.

    Takahashi says the pocket robot has a head and limbs, is able to walk and dance, and expresses “emotions” through gestures and color-changing eyes. In these ways, the pocket robot is similar to "Robi," a larger robot also created by Takahashi that's been on sale since 2012. (You can see Robi in the video above.)

    The biggest difference is that the pocket robot, which doesn’t have a name yet, would be connected to the Internet. By collecting data about your online and offline behavior, your pocket robot would "get to know you." In fact, its personality would change based on your personality, Takahashi said.

    “Smartphones are hitting a wall,” he said. There’s only so much a person can do while looking at a screen, he went on, and smartphone voice recognition is not widely used. “We can talk to pets -- even fish or turtles -- but not to square boxes or screens."

    Takahashi believes that it won't be enough for our next device to be intelligent -- it will also need to be lifelike. It’s why he thinks “wearable tech,” like Google Glass or the much-vaunted Apple Watch, won’t catch on.


    Takahashi predicts that in 10 years, most people will be carrying around a small robot instead of a smartphone. As evidence, he points to the widespread use of social media. People are social creatures, and we like to share our experiences and thoughts. It’s why we tweet and post photos on Facebook. The next step, Takahashi believes, will be socializing directly with your robot.

    For example, instead of sharing a stunning photo on Instagram or your thoughts on an interesting movie on Twitter, you could talk about it with your robot in the moment. Not only that, but your robot would remember the shared experience, years later. Your relationship with your robot would be strengthened over time by the memories that you share together, Takahashi said.

    “It’s similar to men and women,” he said. “First you have an interest in each other. Then communication goes well. Then there’s reliability, and then you’re sharing many experiences in the same time and same place. It’s what old couples have together.”


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    Does it play pocket pool?
    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Ron Paul know some weird people...

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    The Income Tax Is An Excise, And Excise Taxes Are Privilege Taxes

    The Federalist Papers, No. 15:

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    Beginning to further close the gap between now and "Her".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    Does it play pocket pool?
    Only if you upgrade to the pocket Roxxxy (with skank mode).

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    Americans are all in the same boat, beseiged by the same sharks. And if we don't remember that, we're all equally $#@!ed.

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    I love smartphones but I just have never even tried talking to mine. It's too creepy.

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