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Thread: Domestic terrorism act

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    Domestic terrorism act

    I heard Ron Paul on c-span talking about how much he regretted missing the vote on the domestic terrorism act (or whatever it's called) Says he's submitting a paper in formal protest of it. Only 6 in the house voted against it. Time to clean house in washington.
    There's a new phrase for honesty, integrity, and common sense in government. It's called "Ron Paulitics"

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    What is this new act? Let me guess... a patriot act on steroids?

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    HR 1955. Do a search on it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan84 View Post
    What is this new act? Let me guess... a patriot act on steroids?
    Potentially allows Americans to be labeled as terrorists, just for promoting "extremist" ideas, even if no violence has been done or even planned... also can be labeled as a terrorist, for simply HAVING "extremist" ideas, not even promoting them to a single other person.

    The argument would be that the law will be used responsibly to only target true problems... but haven't we heard that before? The Patriot Act has never gotten a single conviction of a single terrorist, but HAS been used in all kinds of other cases unrelated to terrorism... basically abused. It was passed on the justification of a narrow purpose, then used however they want to use it to fit their own agendas.

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