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Thread: Infant Develops Measles-Like Rash Weeks After Receiving Measles Vaccine

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    Exclamation Infant Develops Measles-Like Rash Weeks After Receiving Measles Vaccine

    Infant Develops Measles-Like Rash Weeks After Receiving Measles Vaccine
    Establishment propaganda continues despite vaccines proving largely ineffective

    by Adan Salazar

    Health officials in Maryland are scrambling to explain why a 12-month-old Baltimore infant developed a measles-like rash weeks after receiving the measles vaccine.

    City health authorities are closely monitoring a 1-year-old girl who, despite receiving a measles vaccination on January 2, developed a rash typically associated with the highly-infectious measles virus.

    “It’s frightening to think… Could measles be in Baltimore?” pondered City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.

    It’s even more frightening to think that the vaccine meant to prevent the measles could actually be causing it.

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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    I don't think these stories mean much. She might have been exposed before she was immunized. No offense.

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    Her sources are not big on facts. "Measles-like rash" does not mean it was measles. Additionally if she was an infant, she likely only had the first shot and wasn't fully vaccinated. And finally, a rash is one of the possible side effects of the vaccine. But "weeks after" would tend to indicate it had nothing to do with the vaccine.

    These people are one step up from monkeys with keyboards.

    Seriously, 500 kids used to die every year from measles. Hundreds of thousands of children got sick, thousands of them had permanant damage, but the loonies still think the vaccine is somehow more dangerous than the actual disease.

    Bloody nuts.

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    Such things are the consequences of life; however, being that you are looking for a mystical cure all, I have a magic carpet I could sell to you (PM me if you’re interested, I will negotiate a real nice price just for you.)

    ...And then, since I know how much you love Walmart, you too can be a winner at the game of life!
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    Measles Transmitted By The Vaccinated, Gov. Researchers Confirm

    Measles Transmitted By The Vaccinated, Gov. Researchers Confirm

    By:Sayer Ji, Founder

    A remarkable study reveals that a vaccinated individual not only can become infected with measles, but can spread it to others who are also vaccinated against it - doubly disproving two doses of MMR vaccine is "99% effective," as widely claimed.

    One of the fundamental errors in thinking about measles vaccine effectiveness is that receipt of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine equates to bona fide immunity against these pathogens. Indeed, it is commonly claimed that receiving two doses of the MMR vaccine is "99 percent effective in preventing measles,"1 despite a voluminous body of contradictory evidence from epidemiology and clinical experience.

    This erroneous thinking has led the public, media and government alike to attribute the origin of measles outbreaks, such as the one recently reported at Disney, to the non-vaccinated, even though 18% of the measles cases occurred in those who had been vaccinated against it -- hardly the vaccine's claimed "99% effective." The vaccine's obvious fallibility is also indicated by the fact that that the CDC now requires two doses.

    But the problems surrounding the failing MMR vaccine go much deeper. First, they carry profound health risks (over 25 of which we have indexed here: MMR vaccine dangers), including increased autism risk, which a senior CDC scientist confessed his agency covered up. Second, not only does the MMR vaccine fail to consistently confer immunity, but those who have been "immunized" with two doses of MMR vaccine can still transmit the infection to others -- a phenomena no one is reporting on in the rush to blame the non- or minimally-vaccinated for the outbreak.

    MMR Vaccinated Can Still Spread Measles

    Last year, a groundbreaking study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, whose authorship includes scientists working for the Bureau of Immunization, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA, looked at evidence from the 2011 New York measles outbreak that individuals with prior evidence of measles vaccination and vaccine immunity were both capable of being infected with measles and infecting others with it (secondary transmission).

    This finding even aroused the attention of mainstream news reporting, such as this article from April 2014 titled "Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time."

    Titled, "Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011," the groundbreaking study acknowledged that, "Measles may occur in vaccinated individuals, but secondary transmission from such individuals has not been documented."

    In order to find out if measles vaccine compliant individuals are capable of being infected and transmitting the infection to others, they evaluated suspected cases and contacts exposed during a 2011 measles outbreak in NYC. They focused on one patient who had received two doses of measles-containing vaccine and found that...

    "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ~ Charles Dickens

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    From the article on the New York case:

    Less than 1% of people who get both shots will contract the potentially lethal skin and respiratory infection
    It points out that she was one of the one percent for whom the vaccine did not give immunity and that this was the first time that this was observed that such a person caused infection from somebody else. You are far more likely to infect people if you are not vaccinated and you are far more likely to get measles if you are not vaccinated.

    The article concludes:

    Still, he says, “The most important ‘vaccine failure’ with measles happens when people refuse the vaccine in the first place.”
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