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Thread: Duke Researchers Create Bioengineered Tissue That Contracts Like Muscle

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    Default Duke Researchers Create Bioengineered Tissue That Contracts Like Muscle

    The scientists said the lab-grown tissue could become a powerful new tool for studying diseases like muscular dystrophy. In addition, it could facilitate the development of specialized drugs to treat these diseases–and eliminate the need to test the drugs on humans, which can be risky.

    “One of our goals is to use this method to provide personalized medicine to patients,” Dr. Nenad Bursac, a professor of biomedical engineering at the university and one of the researchers, said in a written statement. “We can take a biopsy from each patient,grow many new muscles to use as test samples and experiment to see which drugs would work best for each person.”
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    Reprinted from [Nov. 29, 2011]

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    That is a really good news there! Muscle diseases like dystrophy are very serious problems nowadays. Have you heard about stem cell therapy for muscles? I discovered some info from UCTC clinic. I guess, it is a really wonderful technology. What do you think of it?

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