From the press release:

January 12 – Publishing announces the release of Jeffrey Tucker’s 6th book, Bit by Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World with foreword by bitcoin angel investor Roger Ver and introduction by Patrick Byrne, CEO of

Bit by Bit dissects the peer-to-peer digital revolution and how breakthroughs like bitcoin, Uber, Airbnb, Feastly and countless others are driving and enabling entrepreneurialism apart from, and often in spite of, government regulation.

In Bit by Bit Jeffrey Tucker, CLO of and Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education, argues that today's emergent technology is about more than new and cool apps; peer-to-peer technology is also forging a brighter social, economic, and political future for everyone.

"The building of universal prosperity is a process that unfolds bit by bit through decentralized decision making and improvements at the margin through trial-and-error. To continue this process, we need understanding, patience, and dreams. Jeffrey Tucker’s book is an excellent guide to all three.” ~ Patrick Byrne, CEO of, from the introduction.

“In Bitcoin’s brief existence Jeffrey Tucker has become one of its leading proponents. In this book we can see exactly why. Many people think of bitcoin as just money, but Mr. Tucker is able to explain, in a way that is easily understandable by all, the tsunami of innovation that bitcoin is about to release upon the world.” ~ Roger Ver, Bitcoin investor, from the Foreword

Bit by Bit is available on Amazon Kindle for $8.99 or included free with memberships. Visit www.liberty.mefor this and over one hundred other books.