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Thread: What political persuasion are you?

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    what flavor?

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    I am just curious as to how the Ron Paul supporters in this forum describe themselves politically. Are you conservatives (paleo, neo, traditionalist), libertarians (zero government or minarchist), constitutionalist, liberals or leftists?
    I'd say traditionalist conservative, if I understand the term properly. As in meaning old-style conservative - small government, individual freedom,

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    I'm what Michael Badnarik terms a "Liberty-tarian".

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    "Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they atropy and die."

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    I am an indepedent in mind, heart and soul, but a registered Republican.

    I consider myself conservative but far, far from today's neocon Republicans, who are fiscally as liberal as anyone has ever been.

    I guess lynnf's description fits me: "old-style conservative - small government, individual freedom, constitutionalist."

    As a five-year Army vet, I'm as angry as can be at the pro-war chickenhawks who think they are the gatekeepers of patriotism.
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    Another vote for Jeffersonian Constitutionalist here.

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    I usually call myself a Liberal Populist or Left-Leaning Libertarian, because I support state and local government regulation of big business for environmental and anti-trust reasons, but still believe a generally free market is the best solution. I also value social justice and ending poverty, but through Ron Paul and Aaron Russo, I've also found out that Income Tax is being levied illegally, by an illegitimate Central Bank, and on a Federal level, when I believe it should be more localized, and perhaps even made voluntary.

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    * Small government
    * Constitutionist
    * Anti-Authoritarian
    * Low taxes
    * Sound Money
    * Green environmentally
    * Pro-Gun
    * Pro Militia
    * Absolute border security
    * Less legal immigration
    * Strong military on US soil (only)
    * Non-Interventionist
    * Somewhat separatist/protectionist/isolationist
    * Secular (I am non-theist/agnostic)
    * English as National language

    I also feel if the US weren't the world police, engaged in senseless wars, building nations and supporting every country worldwide, the US would have the ability to finance excellent healthcare for every US citizen.

    This is what I am, whatever its called.

    If there's a New Way, I'll be the First in line...It better work this time!...Megadeth

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    Independent Paleo-Conservative/Libertarian
    *Non Interventionist Foreign Policy
    *Low Taxes...Abolish the income Tax with tariffs
    *Anti-FED...Pro Gold Standard
    *100% pro 2nd Amendment
    *Against illegal immigrantion & less legal immigration

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