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Thread: What political persuasion are you?

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    What political persuasion are you?

    I am just curious as to how the Ron Paul supporters in this forum describe themselves politically. Are you conservatives (paleo, neo, traditionalist), libertarians (zero government or minarchist), constitutionalist, liberals or leftists?

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    PaleoCon, but registered Independent

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    Paleoconservative, I guess. What's the difference beteen a traditionalist and a paleo-conservative?

    This is what I believe in:
    - limited constitutional government
    - personal privacy
    - personal responsibility
    - strong national defense
    - fiscally responsible government
    - individual liberty

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    There's a another thread on this.
    “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” - Thomas Jefferson

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    Recovering Neocon, still registerd republican. Really though, I have no idea what I am now. I guess if there was a party called "pissed off" I'd probably belong to that one.

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    How about a Ron Paul republican aravoth?
    “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” - Thomas Jefferson

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    I have become so disgusted with political parties that I don't even know anymore. In California I would just vote on the ballot initiatives and say: "The hell with all those bodies, I don't know what any of them will really do in office anyhow."

    I don't agree with all of Paul's positions but I think he is more "real world" than the other candidates. Statements like "Pre-emptive nuclear war is madness" prove it! The loose nukes talk of the other candidates was frightening... I will vote democrat if necessary, assuming one of those boobs wins the GOP nomination. 8 years of neophyte military decisions is QUITE enough!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aravoth View Post
    Recovering Neocon, still registerd republican. Really though, I have no idea what I am now. I guess if there was a party called "pissed off" I'd probably belong to that one.
    Im sorry, a good book to help with the recovery is Pat Buchanan's Where the Right Went Wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aravoth View Post
    Recovering Neocon, still registerd republican. Really though, I have no idea what I am now. I guess if there was a party called "pissed off" I'd probably belong to that one.
    The "Network" party.

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    "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else"

    - Claude Frédéric Bastiat

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    One thing I've seen posted more than a few times on the blogs and forums, is that Ron Paul has awakened people's political instincts again. I think he has the potential to tap into a vast, disaffected group of people like Perot did in 1992.

    I'm tired of being lied to.
    I'm tired of the Federal government ignoring individual civil liberties.
    I'm tired of Congress assuming it can make any law it damn well pleases.
    I'm tired of Supreme Court appointments that support the same.
    I'm tired of the ever growing budget deficit. This has been an issue since the 1980s for Chrissakes!
    I'm tired of watching the country sinking in debt to foreign nations.

    I could write more. I'm just sick of it all! Where are our leaders? Where are our statesmen? Is everybody in Congress on the dole of the PACs and lobbyists? Who is listening to the CITIZENS anymore?
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    I am just a normal guy who has been touched by Ron Paul.

    I dislike labels.

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    Anarchist registered Libertarian (I don't follow the 'don't vote' mantra).

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    Monarchist who in the current reality of my country is a paleo-con.
    I've been out of politics for 10 years. Ron Paul brought me back

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    "Liberal with class"

    Play on classical liberal, Hayekian/Misesian here. Liberalism

    When not speaking my native tongue with others of my ilk, I usually use "libertarian Republican."
    My review of the For Liberty documentary:
    (please Digg and post comments on the HuffPost site)

    "This political train-wreck Republicans face can largely be traced to Bush’s philosophical metamorphosis from a traditional, non-interventionist conservative to the neoconservatives’ exemplar of a 'War President', and his positioning of the Republicans as the 'War Party'."

    Nicholas Sanchez on Bush's legacy, September 30, 2007.

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    ^yes, I am a "classical liberal".

    I guess I can best be described as a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist, but also someone who understands the ideals of Rothbard (and agrees), but rather see fruits to my battle by fighting for the classical liberal position.

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    Im a Reagan republican. I liked Reagans speeches, his message about liberty and smaller government involvement in our lives.(actually libertarian beliefs for the most part) Although I'll admit he didnt really live up to his message, who knows, maybe when he got shot in 81 that was his wakeup call to "fall in line"

    I could never join the libertarian party at this time because as Ron Paul has already stated, its a lost cause because of the way the campaign laws are set up to the 2 B.S. parties. Until someone like Ron Paul comes in and can fix the c.ampaign laws to make it possible for a 3rd party candidate to even get in the debates, or on the ballot, theres no good reason to support a 3rd party candidate except for your own peace of mind. Youre better off supporting someone with libertarian beliefs that is in one of the 2 major parties and uses that party as a vehicle to get in the debates. Supporting a Libertarian party candidate is sadly an utter waste of time unless they have 20 billion dollars to self fund their campaign and buy tv spots like Ross Perot. Thats not just my opinion, its a fact that cannot be overlooked if youre being honest with yourself.

    Im just glad that Ron Paul had the common sense to run as a Republican and at least be able to get into the debates. Thats the only thing thats giving him a chance. If he ran as a libertarian, theres NO WAY he would get any media coverage or debate time for people to even see him.

    Thats a sad fact in America right now..........................

    but Ron might help change that if he wins

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    "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just as long as I'm the dictator...."

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    Classical Liberal
    Anti-Socialist Democrat

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    Independent American

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    Extreme Minarchist Libertarian, I support Courts, smaller military, police force, and that is about it. I would favor a constitutional amendment banning eminent domain and 100% privatizing utilities (no subsidies or government complicity).

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    Libertarian Party...used to be a republican

    Philosophically, more or less a classical liberal along the lines as elucidated by Friedman and Hayek.

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    card carrying libertarian due to lack of choices, more of a constitutionalist.

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    Moderate-to-left libertarian.

    I am totally 100% libertarian on social issues. Do what you will as long as you don't harm me I think is a good mantra.

    On economic issues... I am mostly libertarian but I don't think all regulation can be done away with, particularly not that concerning the environment or public health, and I think the government needs to care for invalids who can't support themselves due to mental or physical handicaps. But I still consider myself "libertarian" economically because I would still cut about 90% of it all.

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    Is "Torn" an option?

    I support some socialist views. I'd like to see the people that need help receive help on a limited basis. I support "welfare" but not a "welfare state".

    I believe in privacy and freedom of choice, free will, and all that.

    I believe in a civic and societal duty to help out our neighbors WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES AND COUNTRY.

    I do not believe in spreading the American Dream via force. I believe in the will of the people.

    I am what I am. I don't know what I am.

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    Libertarian with some objectivist sympathies, and an ever-growing respect for paleolibertarianism (though I would never consider myself one due to differing cultural views).
    "It's not what you say, it's what they hear." - [Frank] Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research slogan

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