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Thread: Charleston County GOP Resolution for Closed Primaries

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    Charleston County GOP Resolution for Closed Primaries

    I'm going to guess that the current open primaries for South Carolina will be closed come next election cycle.

    Passed 8/11/2014 39 -4

    WHEREAS, the South Carolina Republican Party is made up of citizens who share values of limited government, balanced budgets, lower taxes and free enterprise, and wish to choose candidates who reflect those values; and

    WHEREAS, the current South Carolina election laws permit any citizen to vote in the primary election of any political party; and

    WHEREAS, the South Carolina Republican Party, as the majority party, is vulnerable to those who wish to assume affiliation with the Republican party to run for office, but do not support its principles; and

    WHEREAS, the South Carolina Republican Party supports efforts to promote the integrity of the election process; and

    WHEREAS, the South Carolina Republican Party supports allowing voters to designate a political party on their voter registration application; and

    WHEREAS, the South Carolina Republican Party believes political parties have the right to choose their own nominees; and

    WHEREAS, the South Carolina Republican Party supports primaries that are open only to registered voters of that political party;

    THEREFORE, the Charleston County Republican Party calls on Representatives Robert L. Brown, William E. “Bill” Crosby, Wendell G. Gilliard, Stephen Goldfinch, Jr., Robert W. Harrell, Jr., Jenny A. Horne, Harry B. “Chip” Limehouse III, David J. Mack III, Peter M. McCoy, Jr., James H. Merrill, Samuel Rivers, Jr., F. Michael “Mike” Sottile, Leonidas E. “Leon” Stavrinakis, and J. Seth Whipper, Senators Sean Bennett, Paul G. Campbell, Jr., George E. “Chip” Campsen III, Raymond E. Cleary III, Lawrence K. “Larry” Grooms, Marlon E. Kimpson, Clementa C. Pinckney, and Paul Thurmond to file legislation in the 121st General Assembly, beginning January 2014 and ending June 2015, that provides for the registration of voters by the political party of their choice; and for those voters to participate only in the primary elections of the party for which they are registered. Additionally, we call on Governor Nikki Haley to sign the aforementioned party registration and closed primary legislation into law by June 2015.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    There is also a resolution to censor Senator Graham. Its rich, and worth a read.

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    I don't know.

    My understanding is that these elections are paid by the SC Election Commission. They receive filing fees to pay for associated costs. My intuition tells me that these do not cover all the costs of running the elections.

    Reason should say that the answer to your question SHOULD be yes. Although i cannot attest to it.

    Fiscally and reasonably , if the parties have to rely on the public at large to pay for associated costs to running elections, then they should not be able to set rules that would prohibit any of the public from participating.

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