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Thread: Florida Special Elections

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    Post Florida Special Elections

    This is a thread dealing with special elections coming up in the next year.

    The seats up for grabs and the candidates are as follows:

    State House:

    District 13:
    Lawrence Jefferson (R)
    Reggie Fullwood (D)

    District 17:
    John R. Capra (R)
    Michael Alan Davis (R)
    Cyndi Stevenson (R)
    Judy Stevens (NPA)
    Mary Ann Boczek (WRI)

    District 24:
    Danielle Anderson (R)
    Sheamus John McNeeley (R)
    Paul Renner (R)
    Ron Sanchez (R)

    Adam Morley (D)

    District 64:
    James Grant (R)
    Daniel John Matthews (WRI)

    State Senate

    District 6:
    Travis Hutson (R)
    Dennis McDonald (R)
    Ronald Renuart (R)
    Beth Sweeney (R)

    David Cox (D)

    For House Districts 17 & 24, and Senate District 6, your primary date in January 27th, 2015, and the General Election will be on April 7th, 2015.

    For House District 13, your primary has already passed, and the General Election shall be on February 17th, 2015.

    For House District 64, your primary will be on February 10th, 2015, and the General Election shall be on April 21st, 2015.

    Look for pro-liberty recommendations in a following thread.

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    Pro-Liberty Candidates:

    Possibly/Possibly Not Liberty Candidates:

    Non-Liberty Candidates:

    Couldn't find:

    • Beth Sweeney (R-SD6)

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    Okay, so the first set of Primaries happened, and I'd say things went okay, which is sort of weird considering Florida and all.

    Candidates that win are in RED.

    State House:

    District 17: (Liberty Candidate: unsure)

    John Capra: 19.14%
    Michael Davis: 39.22%
    Cyndi Stevenson: 41.64%

    District 24: (Liberty Candidate: Paul Renner)

    Daniellle Anderson: 11.49%
    Paul Renner: 70.16%
    Ron Sanchez: 18.35%

    State Senate:

    District 6: (Liberty Candidate: Dennis McDonald)

    Travis Hutson: 52.22%

    Dennis McDonald: 12.66%
    Ronald Reunart: 35.12%

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