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Thread: Plz Advise... best place to buy physical silver from?

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    Question Plz Advise... best place to buy physical silver from?

    I'm looking for the best place to buy physical silver from,

    Please advise
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    Might check you local coin shop.

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    Default guy that runs it sells at cost to members.


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    I would check your local shops , or , you can shoot me a pm after Christmas and I can give you a list of stuff I have for sale and a price .

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    I have always been pleased with Northwest Territorial Mint.
    Price as of this minute $17.92 per ounce if you purchase 50-99. APMEX $19.02 for same qty. NWT mint pays spot to purchase back.

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    It depends.

    When APMEX has sales, they're a good place. When they don't, then often you can get better prices elsewhere, like Gainesville Coins, but not a whole lot better.

    If you're looking for junk Silver, I think eBay is the best way to get it. Just be careful in your bidding, and be prepared to lose a lot of bids before you get lucky and snag some for a good price.

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    The thing about local coin shops is, at least where I live, sales tax will be more than shipping.

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