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Thread: Ira Hansen - Speaker Nevada Assembly

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    Ira Hansen - Speaker Nevada Assembly

    The left sure hates his positions!

    Nevada Assembly speaker-designate Ira Hansen would be one of the most controversial speakers in Nevada history.

    Hansen has opposed Republican presidential nominees Robert Dole and Mitt Romney (“way too liberal”), and other Republicans at lower levels.

    While he is very conservative, his views sometimes overlap with others with whom he normally has little in common. He agrees with civil libertarians about the threat to expression from hate crime laws. He agrees with liberals about corporate welfare and threats from redevelopment power.
    Few men have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder. ~GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter, Aug. 17, 1779

    Quit yer b*tching and whining and GET INVOLVED!!

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    I'm more excited about Michele Fiore being named the chair of the tax committee. That should be fun to witness!

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