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Thread: Liberty First Network Townhall Meeting

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    Post Liberty First Network Townhall Meeting

    Noticed this on Facebook. Thought it might be of interest for people who could make it. It'll be on the upcoming legislative session, and the people running it know what they're doing. If you can go, I strongly urge you do. I'll update this thread with a link if they put up a livestream for this.

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    And they've finally put up a YouTube link for people to watch online. What's going to be discussed, once more, is policy submitted to the State Legislature, and maybe some legislation yet to be submitted, but is in the works. They'll go in depth for people, so you'll get more than just an overview. Should be fun.

    Wednesday Night.
    Don't be late Floridians. Time to find out what the folks in Tallahassee are up to once more.

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    Here's this.

    The Liberty First Network has been spending the post election strategizing our legislative priorities for the upcoming session.

    We are excited to add our 4th lobbyist, Adrian Wyllie, which will make it possible to not only be defensive but go on the offense on many issues this upcoming year.

    This legislation will include:

    1. Defunding of Regional Planning Councils
    2. Campaign Finance Reform
    3. Repeal/Reform Real ID Act
    4. Ban of Red Light Cameras
    5. Lifting Regulatory Burdens on Microbreweries

    The Liberty First Network will have it’s 2015 Legislative Agenda Townhall meeting December 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm both online and in person at the DATEX Business Center 10300 49th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762.

    Click on the link below for the LFN You Tube Channel.

    We will go in-depth into our 2015 Legislative plan and answer your questions.


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    And finally, I present the full 2 hour video.

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