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Thread: Tom Woods: Champion of Libertarian Dissent (Mises Weekends interview)

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    Tom Woods: Champion of Libertarian Dissent (Mises Weekends interview)

    Tom Woods: Champion of Libertarian Dissent
    Ryan McMaken (27 October 2014)

    On Mises Weekends, Tom Woods joins Mises Institute President Jeff Deist to discuss his new book entitled Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion.

    Tom Woods is the bestselling author of several books; the creator of Liberty Classroom; host of the Tom Woods show; a frequent speaker at liberty events around the country; a frequent guest on major media, and he’s heading up Ron Paul’s homeschool program. He also holds a history degree from Harvard and a PhD from Columbia, and is a Mises Institute Senior Fellow.

    Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)

    • "When law and morality are in contradiction to each other, the citizen finds himself in the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense, or of losing his respect for the law." - The Law (p. 54)
    • "Government is that great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." - Government (p. 99)
    • "[W]ar is always begun in the interest of the few, and at the expense of the many."
      - Economic Sophisms - Second Series (p. 312)
    • "There are two principles that can never be reconciled - Liberty and Constraint."
      - Harmonies of Political Economy - Book One (p. 447)

    · tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito ·
    MOFA (Make Orwell Fiction Again)

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    Great interview, the new book sounds like another winner.
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