According to top-secret documents from the NSA and the British agency GCHQ, the intelligence agencies are seeking to map the entire Internet
Furthermore, every single end device that is connected to the Internet somewhere in the world every smartphone, tablet and computer is to be made visible. Such a map doesn't just reveal one treasure. There are millions of them. The breathtaking mission is described in a Treasure Map presentation from the documents of the former intelligence service employee Edward Snowden which SPIEGEL has seen. It instructs analysts to "map the entire Internet Any device, anywhere, all the time." Treasure Map allows for the creation of an "interactive map of the global Internet" in "near real-time," the document notes. Employees of the so-called "FiveEyes" intelligence agencies from Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which cooperate closely with the American agency NSA, can install and use the program on their own computers. One can imagine it as a kind of Google Earth for global data traffic, a bird's eye view of the planet's digital arteries.
NSA Treasure Map is about to become a very common term, so if you hear something about it, listen as its important! Remember, the so-called Treasure is us! They want the technological power to watch literally everything we do in real time, but we cant even know about secret laws and secret courts that determine our fate! Do as I say, not as I do; OBEY mundanes, OBEY, CONSUME, those are the only two roles in your pathetic meaningless lives you need to concern yourself with.