Makes sense to me to continue the enslavement of human beings.

Q: Will any type of zero point or free energy be soon developed and publicly released despite strong efforts by the Oil Industry to keep this suppressed?

A: Not until the global smart grid infrastructure is in place. I predict the new global cashless currency will be a type of energy currency unit, and it will NOT be based on gold or tangible assets. Once this system is in place, THEN they will release clean energy systems – because at that point, they have monetised and have control of, free energy over mankind. All these carbon credits and carbon trading schemes are transitional ‘currencies’. They want an ENERGY currency so that they CAN release free energy and still have ‘control’. By the way, when this is rolled out, most appliances will be cordless and electricity will be transmitted to all appliances. It is all part of the transition from copper cable to EMF/Carrington Event-proofed infrastructure.