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Thread: Amazon FIRE Phone for $0.99?

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    Amazon FIRE Phone for $0.99?

    Is this a going out of business sale??

    I just got the email and heard it on the radio that Amazon is selling it's FIRE phone for .99 with a 2 year contract and including one free year of PRIME membership (free 2 day shipping, streaming TV, etc.)

    Is the phone really THAT bad that they are literally GIVING them away?
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    What's it cost for the two year contract?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.3D View Post
    What's it cost for the two year contract?
    80.00 a month!

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    Only on AT&T,that's a deal killer for me.Mixed reviews at Amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzanimal View Post
    80.00 a month!
    If that's the case, there is how the phone is being paid for.

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    I think there's a new version coming out, or is already out. Perhaps it's just an old inventory warehouse clearance sale. Tax deduction on the losses, tax writeoffs on the advertising expenses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jllundqu View Post
    Is the phone really THAT bad that they are literally GIVING them away?
    Since when is a $2000 contract giving things away?

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