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Thread: Is your deodorant drugging you through the armpits daily with this neurotoxin?

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    I'm glad Suzi is back, so we can once again hear about bodily fluids, functions and smells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveshiscountry View Post
    I've used the stuff the last 4 years and it is fantastic. Took about a month for the arm pit smell to go away for me.
    A year and half later, it's still working like a champ.

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    Better use Baking soda as a deodorant and anti persperant. it is more effective and a lot safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    Stopped using years ago after learning about risky chemicals they used. Cologne is the only chemical using occasionally.
    Where is the study that shows it harms people or their armpits?

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    When using antiperspirants/deodorants (which clog pores) you are clogging the area lymph nodes. Sweating allows the body to rid toxins. The smell is something that people need to analyze, because if you eat well, the sweat should not have any bad smell. Just as your stomach has good bacteria and bad bacteria, if you are overrun with bad bacteria you will wind up with bad smelling BO.
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