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Thread: "Let The Bit Drop" Campaign: Dominica to Be the First "Bitcoin Nation"

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    "Let The Bit Drop" Campaign: Dominica to Be the First "Bitcoin Nation"

    70,000 residents will be given BTC in 2015 and the infrastructure to send them easily with old-school SMS text messaging via Coinapult.

    Coinapult was started by the creator of Satoshi Dice. (This guy has 6 figures of BTC and he was a NH Free Stater, I think?)


    The “Bit Drop” to distribute Bitcoin to all islanders

    AUGUST 28, 2014 — Dominica is set to be the first nation to adopt Bitcoin following a successful collaboration between island officials, Coinapult, Aspen Assurance, Bitcoin Beauties and the College Cryptocurrency Network, who have partnered to deliver the project, officially titled The Bit Drop.

    The Bit Drop project will to send Bitcoin to every resident on Dominica, a Caribbean commonwealth island, via SMS texting. With a population of over 70,000, this project will create the world’s largest and highest density Bitcoin community.

    The Bit Drop is scheduled to take place on 14th March 2015 at 09:26 to coincide with Piday. To mark this unprecedented event The Bit Drop will be throwing an island-wide party with celebrities, musicians and supporters of Bitcoin, fire dancers, sponsored tropical island spirits, free giveaways, and bitcoin education booths during the event. This will be the first time a government has embraced the potential of Bitcoin for the population of a whole nation.

    More information can be found at

    About Let The Bit Drop Partners

    • Coinapult is a bitcoin wallet, and merchant services provider.
    • Aspen Assurance accepts bitcoin for corporate, licensing, and bond services
    • College Cryptocurrency Network’s MIT chapter is responsible for the distribution of bitcoin to every undergraduate later this year.
    • Bitcoin Beauties is a global organization of women who evangelize and use Bitcoin to monetize their passions.

    Contact for further information:

    Sarah Blincoe – Project Manager

    Ira Miller, CEO Coinapult

    Francis Ford, Senior Advisor Aspen Assurance

    Hon. Dr Kenneth Darroux, Minister of the Environment & Physical Planning

    Jeremy Gardner, Director College Cryptocurrency Network
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    Very Interesting.

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    Dang, I wish I could be there for the Bit Drop.

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