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Thread: Rand Paul Leading GOP 2016 Candidates against Hillary

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    Rand Paul Leading GOP 2016 Candidates against Hillary

    This is headlined on DRUDGE right now, but they make no mention of the fact that Rand Paul is LEADING THE PACK in the "If the General Election were held today" (bottom right of pic):

    Tweet, share, FB, and let them all know Rand is the man to beat! That should be the damn headline!
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    Any poll that has Jeb Bush coming in 6% points higher than Rand Paul is seriously flawed.
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    That's an awful lot of undecideds. They may be Huck's Army

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    Geez, the primary poll is depressing. How in the world can so many Republicans support Bush and Christie?

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    Why is the best performer for general election listed at the bottom? Hmmm..where have we seen this type of thing before?...

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