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Thread: Rushwallet - Fastest and safest wallet.

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    Rushwallet - Fastest and safest wallet.

    Rush Wallet
    'Life's A Rush Use A Wallet That Can Keep Up'

    In an effort to help widen bitcoin’s reach and create a simpler experience when dealing with the online currency, KryptoKit, makers of the bitcoin wallet browser extension, launched RushWallet, a new easy-to-use bitcoin wallet that works on all web browsers and mobile devices and unlike other wallets, it doesn’t require any login credentials.

    Our Website:
    Direct Windows Download:

    Key Features:

    - Create a wallet by using a "color in" feature that generates a unique URL
    - Send and receive payments instantly
    - Option to add a password for more security
    - No login credentials
    - Works on ALL web browsers or mobile devices

    Once you have your RushWallet, you are presented with your bitcoin address and the bitcoin price. You can view your balance, receive or send bitcoins (you can toggle between BTC and USD) and view a transaction history. The transfers are instant and make a beep sound when you receive bitcoin.

    Co-founder of RushWallet, says KryptoKit doesn’t store any information or bitcoins as it is all stored on the local machine on the client-side. The company made the source code publicly available so that users can verify the security of the system. This system can prevent hacking, like the crisis that happened to the now defunct Instawallet.

    RushWallet is dead simple to use and can help open the bitcoin industry to a wider audience — just don’t forget to save that URL

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    Be careful of scams people. This user is asking you to download an exe without providing open-source github viewing.

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