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Thread: Washington state voter guide is up

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    Washington state voter guide is up

    Spread the word:

    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    Thanks for the links, I will be using them.
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    Clint Didier won!!
    Pasco, WA - Congressional candidate Clint Didier issued the following statement in response to his apparent first-place finish in the primary election in Washington state’s 4th District:

    “I am both humbled and proud for the outpouring of support from everyone tonight – and it’s not just from the 4th District, or even just Washington State. I’m getting messages that say ‘way to go’ and ‘you ROCK’ from people across the entire country. They are telling us they understand that this is an important race to push the ‘reset’ button on both the country AND the Republican Party. As one voter told me, ‘It’s topple Tuesday!’

    “When tea party leader Amy Kremer came to Washington to campaign with me, she told me that it reminded her so much of when she campaigned with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. She said she could tell that the people of this District really understood a candidate that didn’t do business as usual, and that they would support him. Well, tonight proves she was right!

    “Ronald Reagan talked about ‘Morning in America.’ Could it be morning again? I think so, and the election results tell me the voters do as well because they’ve given the first-place finish to a real conservative instead of an Establishment Republican who outspent us.

    “Someone tweeted me tonight: ‘My wife and I are excited that a candidate we can believe in finally won.’ I’m not a career politician and don’t want to be. I want to be a citizen legislator just as our founders – many of whom were farmers like me - intended.

    “Many thanks to people and groups like Matt Kibbe and FreedomWorks, Campaign for Liberty’s LibertyPac, Ron Paul, Rep. Thomas Massie, Young Americans for Liberty, National Association for Gun Rights, the Latino National Republican Coalition, Mark Levin, Jerry Martin of Tri-Cities Tea Party, and Amy Kremer. Thanks for your endorsements and support. And of course, to my family and campaign volunteers.

    “Many of you have told us that your prayers are with us. I thank you for your support, & ask that you continue to work and to pray for our country.

    “I know everyone is probably tired of my football references, but I just can’t resist another one. The game clock is still ticking on this country. Tonight shows we’re in the red zone- -and the voters have until November to make the choices that will make America a winner - again.

    “And then together, we can make it morning in America – again.”
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    Congratulations for the following liberty candidates and fellow travelers moving past the primary in the state of Washington.
    Liberty candidates:
    US House:
    Clint Didier 4 Congress-4th
    State House:
    Ed Barton for Washington - R-Dist 1 Pos 2
    Steven Nielson for Washington's 2nd Leg Dist
    Matt Shea-Dist 4 Pos 2
    Elect James Apker-Dist 7 Pos 1
    Michael Scott for Washington's 10th Leg Dist
    Elect Cary Condotta-Dist 12 Pos 1 (uncontested winner)
    Dani Bolyard For Rep 2014-Dist 13 Pos 1
    Friends of WA State Representative David Taylor -Dist 15 Pos 2
    Citizens for Mary Ruth Edwards-Dist 15 Pos 1
    Elect Paul Addis-Dist 36 Pos 2
    Elijah Olson-Dist 38 Pos 2
    Elizabeth Scott for State Representative 39th LD pos. 2
    State Senate:
    Sarina Forbes for Senate-36th
    Fellow travelers:
    US House:
    Robert Sutherlandusa-1st (Ahead: too early to call-BIG UPSET to establishment)
    Marty McClendon for Congress-6th
    State House:
    Tim Turner-Dist 48 Pos 2
    State Senate:
    Brian Dansel for Washington State Senate-7th
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    vote for Turner - he's a libertarian. Seattle Times endorsed his opponent saying something to the effect that Turner was a typical libertarian.

    to me that was golden.
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