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Thread: Michigan liberty voter resource

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    Michigan liberty voter resource

    We took quite a bit of time today to thoroughly review candidates and provide this liberty resource. We hope it provides help for Michigan in finding liberty candidates and voting information.

    A lot of opportunities for liberty candidates and fellow travelers:

    Spread the word:

    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    Here is the list of Michigan liberty candidates and fellow travelers moving on:
    Liberty candidates:
    US House:
    Justin Amash-MI3 <---!!!!!
    George Brikho for U.S. Congress-MI9

    State Senate:
    Senator Patrick Colbeck-7th

    State House:
    Steve Boron for State Representative-16th
    David Lonier-29th -Too close to call
    Cindy Gamrat-80th
    Todd Courser-82nd

    Fellow Travelers:
    State House:
    Peter J. Lucido for State Representative-36th
    Jason Sheppard-56th
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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