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Thread: Mississippi Churning

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    Mississippi Churning

    This may be backfiring. It's amazing when the sausage making process goes public & Boobus is exposed to it's rotten stench.

    “People [are] saying, ‘I hate that I voted for Thad,’ ” said Grant Sowell. “The Tea Parties in Mississippi are growing like never before. I’ve had people apologizing to people for not being more involved. They feel like what’s going on is not just unethical but ungodly.”
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    the more they tighten their grip, the more voters slip from their fingers...

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    Here's an idea, McDaniels and the TEA PARTY orgs should offer $30 to anyone who comes forward, which were paid $15 for voting for Thad or voted multiple times.

    Then we can see if paying people is a big deal... BTW, where the $#@! is that ex-NFL $#@! Bret Farve? He was paid $100,000s to whore in a political commercial for Cochran in the last days before the runoff. Get him to change his tune. We already know criminal Crony establishment hacks like Hailey Barber and his son are no friends to the Pauls or freedom movements.

    PS: What ever happen to US Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Thomas J. Donohue Sr.? He's not running his big mouth now!

    Conservatives: Remember Mississippi

    BIG MOUTH Reince Priebus: Why the Silence on Mississippi?

    Vichy Republican Thad Cochran Wins Mississippi Primary Run-off With Black Democratic Votes

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Assault on Justice

    Impeach McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor Today Millionaire Crony Capitalists in panic about Mississippi, US Chamber of Commerce

    STACKED DECK: How the dominance of politics & business undermines

    Establishment GOP and Dems Team up to Beat Conservative in Mississippi

    2007: The United States Attorneys Scandal Comes to Mississippi

    Liberal US Chamber of Commerce Still Attacking Chris McDaniel With Deception and Outright Lies

    Mississippi runoff takes financial toll on GOP

    Cochran wins in Mississippi but the GOP loses

    2007: Mississippi Corruption in the Spotlight

    Brett Favre endorses Cochran in Chamber ad

    Which the US Chamber of Fascism/Crony Corporatism had to hunt him down in Seattle, Washington... to do Thad's dirty work commercial

    Brett Farve, "Thad Cochran Always Delivers"

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