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Thread: Russia to cut gas supply to Ukraine

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    Russia to cut gas supply to Ukraine

    Russia to cut gas supply to Ukraine
    1 hour ago

    "Gazprom supplies to Ukraine only the amount that has been paid for, and the amount that has been paid for is zero," Kupriyanov said Monday morning.

    The pipeline to Ukraine also carries gas meant for Europe, but Kupriyanov said that the supply to Europe will continue as planned. Ukraine has the obligation to make sure the gas will reach European customers, he said.

    However, Gazprom has notified the European Commission of "a possible disruption in the gas transit" in case Ukraine decides to siphon off the gas, the company said.

    Analyst Tim Ash at Standard Bank PLC said Russia was likely to cut off only the gas meant for Ukraine, but that Ukraine could in theory simply take what it wants since the gas is intermingled. That would result in a shortage in pipelines to Europe that could hinder the buildup of stored gas ahead of the winter heating season when demand is higher.

    "So the message is that this is unlikely to bring a short-term hit to gas supply in Europe, but it will build up problems for the winter unless a deal is reached quickly," he said in an email.
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    Good they should have done that a while ago, but i am predicting Ukraine will be begging Russia for its GAS again right before winter starts as the EU will.
    The majority of the Euporean Union gas comes from Russia.

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    "Knight to D4 blocking isolated pawn, your move Ukraine"

    Who will be to blame if Ukraine siphons off EU's gas? Media will report the "'facts' as they want to steer", you decide.
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