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Thread: Beware Phone Polls (and e-mail polls)

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    Beware Phone Polls (and e-mail polls)

    The establishment is polling delegates to take out opponents to the Lt. Gov (Michigan Advocacy Trust). If you get a call from 313-989-0569 just ignore it, although I'm sure they're using other numbers too. That number kept calling me so I decided to answer and just told them I was undecided for everything. They ask what your opinion is of the Governor, the Chairman, who you voted for in the 2012 Presidential primary and who you would support for Lt. Governor.

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    Yeah, I've been getting emails like crazy but I was aware a while ago what they were up to.

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    time to go undercover...


    Check the market futures... global warning, yea, it's time for THEM to pay THEIR share.

    Save the globe, elect ME!

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