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Thread: Fox News begins the push for Rubio

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    Fox News begins the push for Rubio

    i have noticed they are giving him alot more air time and they are giddy over him saying he is ready to be president. its going to be a hard climb knowing fox and the establishment is solidly behind rubio. rubio is hillary in a pants suit. i despise him.

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    Well, he did just talk on the Sunday shows, which are always good for news organizations to talk about during the week, about how he's ready to run for President, so it's not really a stretch that Fox would want to talk about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    He's a lightweight
    so was romney, and fox and drudge pushed him non stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ObiRandKenobi View Post
    I really hate rubio
    all normal people do. he is pelosi in a tutu.

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