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Thread: Just created a good voting list in Indiana

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    Just created a good voting list in Indiana

    via Facebook and Twitter. Share far and wide.

    Get out and help these liberty fighters get elected!

    If you're in Indiana, make your own paper lists and get people out to vote. Information is free, but liberty takes eternal vigilance.

    Indiana 5th:
    David Stockdale for Congress (running)
    Indiana 9th:
    Kathy Lowe-Heil for Congress(running)
    Indiana Elkhart County Sheriff:
    Brad Rogers (Incumbent)
    Indiana Montgomery County Commissioner Dist 2:
    John Pickerill (running)
    Indiana State House 22nd:
    Curt Nisly for State Rep. (running)
    Indiana State House 48th:
    Jesse Bohannon for State Representative (running)
    Indiana State House 59th:
    Ryan Lauer (running)
    Indiana State House 83rd:
    Christopher Judy (running)
    Indiana 7th:
    Cat Ping (running)-Fellow Traveler
    Indiana 8th:
    Andrew McNeil (running)-Fellow traveler
    Indiana State House 25th
    Donald Lehe (incumbent)-Fellow traveler
    Indiana State House 35th:
    @L Jack Lutz (Incumbent)-Fellow Travler
    Indiana State House 48th:
    Adam Bujalski For Indiana State Representative (running)-Fellow Traveler
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    Curt Nisly has a real shot, as does Bohannon and Bujalski. Pickrill also is one to look out for, and Judy may pull it out.

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    Congratulations to Cat Ping, Curt Nisly, Christopher Judy, and Donald Lehe on their primary wins. Also, L Jack Lutz gets to move on uncontested. Good day for Indiana liberty.
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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