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Thread: MSNBC panel discusses Rand Paul 4/21

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    They are sure he will loose but I guess it helps with name recognition.

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    If they're trying to help Rand its because they're only hoping it hurts someone else. They could have reported the same story but included soundbites, quotes and positions by Rand that wouldn't have been totally out of place for the interview that would have turned off the MSNBC listeners but I don't see that they did.

    They didn't rehash the whole plagiarism bull from the past, they skipped over a lot of "social conservative" rhetoric and only mentioned "agree to disagree", didn't call him an isolationist and when they played clips and mentions of other GOP's insulting or disagreeing with him they said that he has always been willing to talk with those that disagree and kinda made him into the bigger man in the argument.

    But MSNBC doesn't like Rand any more than Ron.
    Maybe they're just trying to stir stuff up and make the GOP look bad with this positive reporting, just like they used Ron to do.

    Which is ok, its how it works. I'm glad to see positive stories regardless of motivation.

    .... I wonder what a fox newser would think watching this interview though? Thats really who we need to be more concerned with at this moment in time.

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    MSNBC is to the Democratic Party as FOXNews is to the GOP.

    MSNBC always has their eyes on the bigger prize: keeping a Dem in the Oval Office. If you think they're ever trying to help Rand -- or any other Republican -- you need to re-think that strategy and ask, "how is this really helping the Dems in the long run?" The answer may not always be obvious, but I assure you...that IS their only goal.

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    Wow...sure are obsessed with Rand. Isn't this like the 3rd show where they have a segment on him.
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    Regardless of the's pretty exciting to see coverage like this. We could only have dreamed about this back in the Ron Paul days or back in 2010 when we were hard at work battling Trey Grayson in KY.

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