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    The Neoconservative Reference List

    This thread is intended to be a running reference list of those who advocate the neoconservative foreign policy agenda, including politicians, those in the media, and those at think-tanks and other organizations.

    Quick definitions for use in this thread:

    [*] - True neoconservatives: Someone who believes in a large, powerful, central government, especially when related to foreign policy. They will not really care about size and scope of government, taxes or spending. They probably (albeit sometimes secretly) support Common Core (Federal eduction control), Obamacare and Amnesty. They probably don't really care about the Second Amendment or the rest of the Bill of Rights. They may go with international standards rather than US Constitutional standards. If old enough, they very well may have been a former leftist-communist.

    Their foreign policy will be very aggressive in most situations. They will believe in nation-building, nation changing and global manipulation. They will be particularly obsessed with anything related to Israel, Iran or Russia. Some of that obsession with Russia may stem from old communist ties and Stalin's betrayal of the international communist movement. The importance of spending for military contractors far outweighs any concerns about fiscal conservatism or spending. The military spending agenda results in a high amount of agenda overlap with advocates and lobbyists for the crony corporatist special interests generally referred to as the Military-Industrial complex by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    [*]- Neoconservative on foreign policy: Fellow travelers with neoconservatives on some issues related to foreign policy. They may not align with neoconservatives on any other issues at all. Many average people in this category are unaware of the neoconservative agenda, but have been led into this position over the years. Often hard to distinguish from lobbyists for the Military-Industrial complex. This can include people who lean Tea Party (Teocon) or are pure establishment.

    True neoconservatives:

    - Elliot Abrams (Rubio, Cruz adviser)
    - Sheldon Adelson (Billionaire donor, Rubio backer)
    - Sen. Kelly Ayotte
    - Gary Bauer
    - Cofer Black (Romney adviser)
    - Brad Blakeman
    - John Bolton (Cruz adviser)
    - Max Boot (McCain, Romney, Rubio adviser)
    - Norman Braman (Billionaire donor, Rubio backer)
    - Peter Brookes
    - David Brooks
    - Jeb Bush
    - Rep. Eric Cantor
    - Dick Cheney
    - Liz Cheney
    - Michael Chertoff (John Hay Initiative, Jeb adviser)
    - Eliot Cohen (John Hay Initiative)
    - Cesar Conda (Cheney, Rubio, Ryan adviser)
    - Matthew Continetti (Bill Kristol’s Son in Law, Washington Free Beacon)
    - Sen. Tom Cotton
    - Eric Edelman (John Hay Initiative, Cheney, Romney, Rubio adviser)
    - Douglas Feith (Bush, Perry adviser)
    - Jamie Fly (Rubio adviser)
    - David Frum
    - Brigitte Gabriel
    - Newt Gingrich
    - Rudy Giuliani
    - Michael Goldfarb (McCain, Liz Cheney, Palin adviser)
    - Sen. Lindsey Graham
    - Stephen Hadley (Jeb adviser)
    - Pastor John Hagee
    - Nikki Haley
    - John Hannah (Jeb adviser)
    - Sean Hannity (Teocon)
    - Jane Harmon
    - Michael Hayden (John Hay Initiative, Jeb adviser)
    - Stephen Hayes
    - Charles Hill (Giuliani adviser)
    - John Hinderaker
    - Brian Hook (Pompeo Advisor, John Hay Initiative)
    - James Jeffrey
    - Robert Joseph (Romney adviser)
    - Frederick Kagan
    - Robert Kagan (Hillary Clinton, Romney, Rubio adviser)
    - Rep. Peter King
    - Rep. Adam Kinzinger
    - James Kirchick
    - Sen. Mark Kirk
    - Mary Kissel
    - Henry Kissinger (McCain, Christie, Cruz adviser)
    - David J. Kramer (John Hay Initiative, Walker adviser)
    - Charles Krauthammer
    - Bill Kristol (Ryan, Jindal, Rubio adviser)
    - Eli Lake
    - John Lehman (McCain, Romney adviser)
    - Jon Lerner (Rubio, Haley, Zuckerberg adviser)
    - Yuval Levin (Ryan, Rubio adviser)
    - Sen. Joe Lieberman
    - William Luti (Perry adviser)
    - Sen. John McCain
    - Andrew McCarthy (Perry adviser)
    - Sen. Robert Menendez
    - Joshua Muravchik
    - Victoria Nuland (Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton adviser, spouse of Robert Kagan)
    - Rep. Devin Nunes
    - Richard Perle
    - James Pethokoukis
    - Daniel Pipes
    - Danielle Pletka
    - John Podhoretz
    - Norman Podhoretz (Giuliani adviser)
    - Noah Pollak
    - Rick Reed (Lindsey Graham, McCain operative)
    - Condoleezza Rice (Christie, Cruz adviser)
    - Mike Rogers
    - Mitt Romney
    - Steven J. Rosen (Giuliani adviser)
    - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
    - Karl Rove
    - Jennifer Rubin
    - Michael Rubin
    - Sen. Marco Rubio
    - Donald Rumsfeld
    - Haim Saban (Hillary Clinton adviser, Billionaire donor)
    - Mark Salter (McCain, Kirkpatrick adviser)
    - Sen. Chuck Schumer
    - Mel Sembler (Billionaire Jeb donor. Bush, Romney adviser)
    - Dan Senor (Romney, Ryan adviser)
    - Paul Singer (Billionaire donor, Rubio backer)
    - Michael Singh
    - Randy Scheunemann (McCain, Rumsfeld, Palin adviser)
    - Gary Schmitt
    - Bret Stevens
    - Chad Sweet (Cruz adviser)
    - Marc Thiessen
    - Jesse Watters
    - Kenneth Weinstein
    - Michael Weiss
    - Paul Wolfowitz (John Hay Initiative, Jeb adviser)
    - James Woolsey (Cruz adviser)
    - David Wurmser
    - Stephen Yates
    - John Yoo
    - Roger Zakheim (John Hay Initiative, Rubio adviser)

    Neoconservative organizations and media outlets:

    - Alliance for Securing Democracy
    - Alliance for a Strong America (Dick and Liz Cheney)
    - American Enterprise Institute (AEI) (Advises Rubio)
    - Center for American Freedom
    - Center for a New American Security
    - Committee on the Present Danger
    - Emergency Committee for Israel
    - Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI)
    - Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America (Rick Reed, McCain, Lindsey Graham)
    - Foundation for Defense of Democracies
    - Hudson Institute (Kenneth Weinstein)
    - John Hay Initiative (Advises Romney, Jeb, Fiorina, Christie, Rubio, Walker, Perry, Cruz, Graham)
    - Keep America Safe
    - Project for the New American Century (PNAC)
    - Republican Jewish Coalition (Funded by Sheldon Adelson)
    - Republican Main Street Partnership
    - Washington Free Beacon
    - Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    - Washington Post (Jennifer Rubin, Michael Gerson, Fred Hiatt, Jackson Diehl, Marc Thiessen)
    - Weekly Standard

    Neoconservative oriented political shows:

    - Journal Editorial Report with Paul Gigot (Fox News)
    - Meet The Press (NBC)
    - Special Report with Bret Baier (Fox News)
    - The John Batchelor Show (ABC Radio)
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    "Debt is the drug, Wall St. Banksters are the dealers, and politicians are the addicts." - B4L
    "Totally free immigration? I've never taken that position. I believe in national sovereignty." - Ron Paul
    They are what they hate. - B4L

    The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own, and do not represent this forum or any other entities or persons.

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