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Thread: Signs?

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    I've yet to see a single sign in Hickory, N.C. If I can receive signs I will place, and collect, them. How can I get?

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    Call the campaign and ask who their point person is in your area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldsouljer View Post
    Call the campaign and ask who their point person is in your area.
    I'm hoping there is a point person in this Greg Brannon sub-forum. That is why I was asking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lib3rtarian View Post
    I'll take this. phill4paul, PMing you.
    There is a girl 30 minutes out of Hickory that has a ton of signs. If that's who you are putting him in contact with LMK.
    Find liberty candidates to support:

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    Thanks! Contact made.

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