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Thread: Dave Camp MI 4th district Congressman not running for Reelection.

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    Dave Camp MI 4th district Congressman not running for Reelection.

    Dave Camp is your typical party shill, almost always voting for whatever the republicans want him to vote for. Several people have announced their candidacy for his position inluding

    Peter Konetchy
    John Moolenaar
    Paul Mitchell

    I've been hearing radio advertisements for Peter Konetchy for a month or so now, since before Dave Camp announced he would not run for Reelection. This is from his website regarding taxes:

    "The only solution to solving our nation’s problems is to revert back to the original constitutional tax provisions which indirectly provide the federal government with all revenue necessary to perform its constitutionally mandated responsibilities, but nothing more. The federal corporate and individual income tax must be eliminated along with the IRS."

    He supports the federal government taxing states rather than individuals.

    This regarding foreign policy:

    "Congress must take its responsibility to “declare war”, and its authority “to make rules for the government and regulation of land and naval forces”, seriously. Only Congress is authorized make rules regarding the deployment of troops, and they should not allow deployment into the service of the United States without a unambiguous declaration of War and a declaration of the objective to be met for victory."

    He sounds very anti-abortion and I honestly think he would support a federal ban on abortion.
    He sounds very anti-illegal immigration and wants to deport illegal immigrants.

    So far, he is the best confirmed candidate, but there is still time for others to announce their candidacy. I'm going to send him an email and tell him to make his website better, it reads too much like a preachy blog right now.
    No more IRS.
    I am now old enough to vote.

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    I met Konetchy when he was getting signatures in 2012. I signed his petition. He was running for US Senate until he got kicked off the ballot after a Gary Glenn challenge. I would have voted for him and ended up voting for Durant.

    He strikes me as an old school paleoconservative in a lot of ways. He definitely isn't a neo-con and wouldn't go with Boehner.

    I'm not in the 4th District so I can't vote for him this time.

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