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Thread: Mises Institute LIVE STREAM - "Inflation: Causes, Consequences & Cure"

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    Mises Institute LIVE STREAM - "Inflation: Causes, Consequences & Cure"

    UPDATED: Live stream replaced with recorded video(s)

    11 April 2014 @ 10:00 AM CDT

    In this live seminar for college and high school students, Mises Institute scholars will help students understand the state's motivation to inflate the currency while examining the many effects of this backdoor method of taxation.

    Schedule (all times are CDT):
    10:00 a.m. Mark Thornton—"What is Money?"
    10:20 a.m. Daniel Sanchez—"Inflation as a Stealth Tax"
    10:50 a.m. Peter Klein—"How Inflation Hurts Businesses and Entrepreneurs"
    11:10 a.m. Joseph Salerno—"Hyperinflation"
    11:30 a.m. Speaker Panel with Q&A

    What is Money? | Mark Thornton

    Inflation as a Stealth Tax | Daniel J. Sanchez

    How Inflation Hurts Businessmen and Entrepeneurs | Peter G. Klein

    Hyperinflation | Joseph T. Salerno

    Speaker Panel Q&A

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    When I clicked on the play button, it displayed a blank page with the words, "This video is private".
    Duh to me. It only works during the live broadcast.
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    bump for Mark Thornton video (see OP)

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    Updated OP with remaining videos.

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