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Thread: One of my new favorites...Malcom Holcombe......

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    One of my new favorites...Malcom Holcombe......

    Caught an in-house concert. I was literally speechless. So much energy for just a coupla dozen folk. Guitar...phenomenal. Lyrics...exceptional.

    down the river

    they make the laws
    to suit themselves
    the ones that buy and sell the rest
    of us down the river

    the rest of us
    dont need the touch
    of takin' more than just enough to get
    by down the river

    down the river
    we pray for one another
    down the river
    we hold on to our dreams
    down the river
    the hard times makes us stronger to get by
    and leave this world behind
    down the river

    a bed to lay
    me down at night
    and for workin' hands to hold you tight
    my darlin' and me down the river

    now far away
    the mem'ries of
    simple days remainin' in
    our broken hearts down the river


    the gifts of little ones we love
    our faith in blood and God above
    they will last forever
    down the river


    c. 2011 gypsyeyes music, bmi

    malcolm holcombe

    butcher in town

    deep in the south
    the cypress steals
    cobweb moss
    all gray in the middle

    no wind no rain
    keeps a good man down
    sweatin' and a grinnin'
    way down south

    you aint from here
    when the $#@! hits the fan
    there's more meat on(for the) a pencil
    from (for) the butcher in town

    whiskey money
    money and gold
    splashin' spit
    hard to swallow

    ten foot tall
    deep in the water
    too deaf to call
    damn ready to follow


    hundred dollar bill's
    jus' backpocket preachin'
    no sign to the edgewise
    drinkin' good whiskey

    loud and heavy
    like a dogday bluejay
    blacksnake lungs
    gonna slide down singin'


    under the thumbs of the
    cannons and guns and a
    swattin' flies in the
    stink of an eye

    i dont claim a thing
    not a two bit clue
    but somebody whispered
    war kills the truth


    ev'ry word in a hand
    gonna fly like a crow
    better shut my mouth
    to the promised land

    all black and white
    from the wars of the souls
    too much whiskey
    money and gold


    c. 2011 gypsyeyes music, bmi
    malcolm holcombe

    twisted arms

    fair and square
    looks good on paper
    coughin' up blood
    at the head o' the table

    dont move a muscle
    livin' in that skin
    too dead to struggle

    twisted arms in circulation
    twisted arms in circulation
    twisted arms in circulation
    here for the common good

    short and sweet
    the silent type
    cleanin' up good
    in broad daylight

    ruby lips
    go the extra mile
    suckin' up sin
    a tight redlight


    got valet parkin'
    strung up on a cumberbund
    nobody starvin'

    stuffin' my face
    rats get squirrely
    in a trophy case


    down on the corner
    with a wall-eyed smile
    a rabbit in thunder
    no compromise

    fat and sassy
    three months vacation
    gimme all the answers
    no hesitation


    saved by the bell
    ringin' next to me
    workin' my knees
    blown to hell for freedom

    cop a squat
    on the courthouse steps
    where's my job
    did i vote for this(that)


    c. 2011 gypsyeyes music, bmi

    malcolm holcombe

    Much, much more.

    Check him out. My new favorite. Couldn't find a tube of one of my favorite's the lyrics though....

    whitewash job

    i get my news lookin' at you
    i live the blues cause you butcher the truth
    hearsay monkey do dolittle candyman
    you know who's who in a bulletproof jetplane

    he sits in the corner aint the same
    passed on to the sixth grade barely write his name
    knowledge is power education is the law
    loopholes for cowards and justice for all haha

    it's a whitewash job
    it's a job
    it's a whitewash job
    whitewashin' job

    fda gonna turn my head around
    six pills ev'ryday in a highrise junkietown
    he works for fema saw him last nite
    very relieved all day lyin' haha


    people on the street no place to go
    mobile homes in the fields sittin' empty i know
    ping pong paddles blackwater come an' getcha
    people need a hospital not a dc doolittle haha


    turnin' a deaf ear turnin' a blind eye
    turnin' my stomach here vommit on the inside
    ten years later twenty or thirty
    i see ya come clean but right now you're dirty haha


    c. 2011 gypsyeyes music, bmi

    malcolm holcombe
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