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This went down in late Feb. Not sure where things stand with him now.



CARACAS, Venezuela—A gun-toting retired Venezuelan general has become a folk hero to the country's opposition and galvanized a protest movement by defying the government of President Nicolás Maduro, engaging in a Rambo-like standoff with security forces sent by the president to arrest him.

Angel Vivas has been holed up in his home in a hilly Caracas suburb since last weekend, when Mr. Maduro, on live television, ordered his arrest for having backed student protests that have convulsed this oil-rich nation.

When black-clad officers from military intelligence went to the retired Army general's house Sunday morning, he emerged wearing a flak jacket and armed with a semiautomatic rifle and pistol, warning that the only way he would be taken was in a body bag. Scores of neighbors came out in support of Gen. Vivas and heckled security forces, who eventually backed down.

"I have a right to self-defense," Gen. Vivas said in an interview inside his bunkerlike home, which is decorated with family pictures and mementos to his 40-year career in the army, including old rifles and swords.

"At no time did I order anyone to commit violence," he said, after the government said his tweet giving defense advice caused a death. "I was helping unarmed civilians defend themselves….A priest recommends prayer, a doctor recommends medicine, a military man recommends how to defend."
Gen. Vivas first gained prominence when he refused orders from Mr. Chávez to have his troops use the Cuban slogan ["Patria, socialismo o muerte. Venceremos!," translated as "Fatherland, socialism or death. We will triumph."] Instead, the general stepped down from his post in 2007.

Ever since, he has used the Internet as a soapbox to decry what he sees as Cuba's takeover of Venezuela's military and other institutions. Gen. Vivas came of age in the military at a time when Cuba was seen as the enemy for having backed two small-scale guerrilla invasions in 1967 that led to several years of violent fighting.

"We fought against them for eight years, and then Chávez handed the country over to them," he said. Gen. Vivas calls Cuba a "terrorist" state, and Mr. Maduro the Cuban "pro-consul."
Weird how the WSJ left the "socialism" part out of the Cuban slogan. I FTFT.

Video: Ex-Venezuelen General in Armed Standoff at Home
WSJ's David Luhnow discusses his recent interview with Gen. Angel Vivas, a retired general who became a cult hero to the country's opposition and was ordered to be arrested last weekend by President Nicolas Maduro

EXCLUSIVE! English Translation of Venezuela Army General Angel Vivas’ Interview With CNN Espańol

The story of Venezuelan Army General (Retired) Angel Vivas continues.

General Vivas is a decorated veteran, who spoke out against the Socialist tendencies of the Chavez government, and was persecuted as a result. Recently, the Maduro government attempted to arrest the general on trumped-up charges, but failed, due to the general’s refusal to surrender and the massive popular support. The full story of that incident is covered in “Another Day, Another Gocho … Nightmare For Nicolas Maduro“.

Having failed to arrest the general, Maduro’s “attack dog” Diosdado Cabello tried to incriminate him, using a photo stolen from the website of a US-based Airsoft rental company, with predictably hilarious results. This Joe-Biden-level failure is covered in “Lies, Airsoft, and Videotape” (the ONLY English-language coverage of this scandal to date, by the way).

Now, in an interview with CNN Espańol, General Vivas exposes the Cuban involvement in Venezuelan government and security operations, and encapsulates his vision of a democratic Venezuela, free from outside influences.

I have received a translation of the interview, from one of my Venezuelan contacts. Once again, this content has only been available in Spanish, until now.