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Thread: help creating a petition/referendum

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    help creating a petition/referendum

    Hi all,

    I tried doing a little research and it seems NC does not allow State wide referendums. What is the alternative process to get something like a referendum on the ballot?

    My idea is to reject Obamacare in referendum as proof of state nullification rights. See here:

    Other States like Colorado have made marijuana legal contrary to federal law. So why can't NC make Obamacare illegal based on unconstitutionality? The people can vote referendum and if over 50% approve, then NC can deem Obamacare unconstitutional and not participate. I think we should encourage States to take back their rights. Any ideas on how to make this happen on a ballot?

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    I'm not going to be able to help here, but I want to bump it for those watching the "New Posts".
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