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Thread: North Korea: Students required to get Kim Jong-un haircut

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    North Korea: Students required to get Kim Jong-un haircut

    North Korea: Students required to get Kim Jong-un haircut
    26 March 2014 Last updated at 18:26

    It seems that haircuts have been state-approved in North Korea for some time - until now people were reportedly only allowed to choose from 18 styles for women and 10 for men. Earlier, North Korea's state TV launched a campaign against long hair, called "Let us trim our hair in accordance with the Socialist lifestyle".
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    “The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
    - Josef Stalin

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    Sounds like just another silly rumor to me.

    Let's talk about how big America will lie about North Korea: the Bodo League Massacre

    Probably one of the biggest lies pulled off in the history of the world, and I do not exaggerate.

    The Bodo League massacre (hanja: 保導聯盟事件) was a massacre and war crime against communists and suspected sympathizers that occurred in the summer of 1950 during the Korean War. Estimates of the death toll vary. According to Prof. Kim Dong-Choon, Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, at least 100,000 people were executed on suspicion of supporting communism;[2] others estimate 200,000 deaths.[1] The massacre was wrongly blamed on the communists for decades.[3]

    If America and south korea will lie about who killed 200,000 people, they will lie about hair cuts, and executions of porn stars, and sinking of destroyers.

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    They're just preparing the country to win the Onion's next Sexiest-Men-Alive-Per-Capita award.

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