Last weekend was the biggest grassroots leadership summit I've seen in a long time.

With Campaign for Liberty President John Tate the keynote speaker, I couldn't help but compare the event to the regional conferences Campaign for Liberty used to do.

Their first conference, in St. Louis, had about 300 people in attendance. The second, in Seattle, maybe 250. Every conference was a major production.

Yet last weekend, two volunteer-run organizations, the Michigan chapter of Campaign for Liberty and Plainwell Patriots, put on a full-day production with more than 400 grassroots leaders in attendance:

It really goes to show how the liberty has grown and matured over the past five years. The first generation of activists have become the teachers.

In fact, the event closed with a very special surprise for Michigan Campaign for Liberty director Tony DeMott: a video from Dr. Ron Paul, thanking for his years of service to the liberty movement!

It was touching, and for my friend who has devoted his entire life to the movement these past years, richly deserved.

It was also a great event for Gary Glenn, who got to meet with all of the grassroots leaders in attendance, and gave a rousing speech from the stage to a standing ovation.

He also met with Campaign For Liberty's John Tate and Dudley Brown, the Executive Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

John had known of Gary through the National Right to Work Committee, where they had both worked: in the 1980's, Gary has the field director for the Idaho Freedom to Work Committee, which after eight years was able to pass a Right to Work law in Idaho and subsequently defend it on the ballot. John Tate spent 14 years with the Right to Work committee, serving as Vice President from 1998 to 2004.

Dudley hadn't met Gary before, but might have known of him through the founder of his organization, Michael Rothfeld, who I consider my political mentor.

Of course, once Dudley met Gary, and learned of his success passing Right to Work in two states, his relentless activism, and his impeccable personal character, Dudley was enthusiastically on board.

The upshot was a fundraising dinner held jointly for Gary Glenn and Cindy Gamrat, the leader of Plainwell Patriots who organized the conference and is running for state House herself. The Host Committee included Michael Rothfeld, John Tate, Dudley Brown, and me.

(And yes, I paid in full, regardless of my employment with Gary.)

We support Gary because we recognize Gary has more than just a grounding in constitutional principles that will hold him to strong positions on the vital issues of the day.

We support Gary because he has a record of outstanding leadership, and will be, as Dudley described in military parlance, a "force multiplier" in the state House.

He will be more than just one consistent vote for the right thing; he will be a champion who can compel change from within the legislature.

And we support Gary because he exemplifies the same personal qualities we all admired in Ron Paul: servant leadership, a deeply-rooted personal belief that the cause is more important than the individual and that the leader must serve the followers.

That attitude of servant leadership is the reason the liberty movement today is bigger than either of Ron Paul's presidential campaigns ever were. We supported Ron Paul because he believed in us.

We support Gary because he has demonstrated the leadership to earn it.

And make no mistake, Gary will need our support.

Way back in August, a Democrat party official posted to Facebook that they must donate to his primary opponent if that's what it takes to stop him from winning his race.

And his opponent in the Republican primary refuses to take any position on any issue--which I take as a clear indication he hopes to receive support from the Left.

We have 132 days until the election. Four months.

It sounds like a long time, but time flies in a campaign. Every day brings a never-ending list of action items, from grassroots organizing to database work, mailing letters and thank-you's, planning campaign events, and so on.

If you can, please make a contribution to Gary's campaign, right now, at this link.

Can you afford $1 a day contribution of $132? That would go a long way toward training and equipping volunteers to make phone calls and knock on doors.

A $50 contribution will buy a tank of gas for Gary or me to deliver yard signs around the district.

Of course, any amount you can provide will be spent wisely.

If you can, please click here to contribute $132, $50, or what you can afford to help send a champion to the Michigan legislature next year.

It was truly humbling to see how today's liberty movement has taken root and grown into something bigger than was once thought possible.

Let's make the next year even greater.

Thanks again for all you do for Liberty,


P.S. I don't use my personal email list to urge contributions frequently, and I would never urge you to support someone I do support 100%. Gary Glenn is the real deal.

We don't have much time before the election, and the Democrats have already announced they will raise money to defeat him.
Glenn was originally taking on Hoekstra in the recent US Senate GOP primary before backing down but now seems this is a battle (state rep seat) that he can win w/ support from the broader liberty movement and related Tea Party groups. Hopefully, Glenn and Cindy can get in the state house to replace McMillin as he can potentially make it into the state senate.