I've kept half an eye out for any Ron Paul or libertarian type of activity on the Eastern Shore since 2008, but I haven't noticed anything before now. Everything seemed to be in the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area, which was about 2 hours away.

An Accomack County Tea Party recently formed. They had their first meeting in February and 3 of the 8 attendees went out of their way to tell me they were Ron Paul friendly (I was wearing a Ron Paul hat.) There was a little discussion about what Ron Paul has done to help in Virginia, and who among the politically active supported him. The second meeting, on March 5th, had 13 attendees and it had grown to 28 members. Some committees were formed. I signed up to draft some candidate interview questions.

If anyone in the area wants to stop in, the meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM at Market Street Grill, in Onancock. The next one should be April 7th. The food there is pretty good.

A North Hampton County Tea Party group formed at the same time. I'm not sure when and where they meet, but I could ask around if anyone is interested.