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Thread: Maryland Fourth Amendment Protection Act Introduced! Act Now.

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    Exclamation Maryland Fourth Amendment Protection Act Introduced! Act Now.

    The Maryland bill would almost certainly have the largest impact of any of the proposed state bans, some of which were introduced in states with either nonexistent or minimal known on-the-ground agency presence.

    “Maryland has almost become a political subdivision of the NSA,” Tenth Amendment Center Executive Director Michael Boldin said in a statement. “The agency relies heavily on state and local help. This bill bans all of it."

    As of late 2012, around 30,000 people worked for the NSA, many of them at Fort Meade. The state bills do not refer to the NSA by name, but rather “any federal agency” that seizes metadata without an individualized warrant.
    Read on:

    Read the text of the bill here:

    Maryland Action Steps
    Any fate but submission.

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    Donate at They've only raised $3000 of their $5000 goal, yet they've accomplished so much already.
    “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail, its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storm may enter, the rain may enter -- but the King of England cannot enter; all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!” -William Pitt the Elder

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