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Thread: 2014 District Conventions

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    2014 District Conventions

    I'm quoting an email I received from Liberty ND PAC.

    Believe it or not, the battle for 2016 begins in 2014.

    Hundreds of Ron Paul supporters, like yourself, attended the 2012 North Dakota state convention and battled the party Establishment. We made headlines across the state for exposing the unfair balloting process for North Dakota's national delegates.

    In response, the political Establishment in North Dakota has made the process in 2016 even less inclusive. New state party rules were passed that determine how the Party selects its delegates. Now, "extra credit" will be given to potential 2016 national delegates if they attend the 2014 state convention. Should a strong, liberty-minded candidate like Ron Paul emerge in 2016, it's likely they will face tremendous roadblocks in securing delegates. Without your support today, our power to act in 2016 will be crippled.

    More importantly, as North Dakotans, you have an opportunity to have a significant impact on the course of policy here at home. At the 2014 state convention, you will help decide the Republican Party's nominees for Attorney General, Secretary of State, Public Service Commissioner, Tax Commissioner, Agricultural Commissioner and member of Congress.
    Being a convention delegate is very simple.

    1. Determine your legislative district. Visit the Secretary of State website HERE: and enter your address information. To be eligible to be a delegate, you must have resided in your district for 30 days and be legally able to vote by election day, November 2014.

    2. Contact your District Chair today. Introduce yourself and let them know that you'd like to be a delegate to the state convention and participate in the process of selecting the Party's 2014 nominees. Contact information is HERE:

    3. Pay your state party membership dues. They must be in receipt of your $36.50 prior to the District Convention in order for you to participate. You may pay online at and bring the receipt or bring a check the night of your District Convention.

    4. Attend your District Convention. Check the calendar HERE: to see when and where to attend your district convention. Vote for yourself and any other liberty delegates you know or meet. Odd numbered districts will also likely be endorsing their legislative candidates.

    5. Complete your State Delegate Registration Form obtained from your District Chair. Fill it out, make a copy, and return with payment to your District Chair that night. Registration is $80, or $40 for those age 30 and under. Keep a copy for your records. Your registration as a delegate is valid and complete once the District Chair approves you.

    I sincerely hope to see you engaged in this critical process this year. Let me know you will join us by filling out the Delegate Pledge Card on We will contact you personally and walk you through the process. Please join us. We need to act in order to maintain position for 2016.

    Andrea Toman
    Executive Director
    Liberty ND PAC

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    Update: Went to my convention and it went really well! But since it's not a presidential election year, there was a very low turnout meaning everyone who showed up got to be a delegate and about half of the delegate seats in my district are still up for grabs. You can likely easily snag one by calling or emailing your district chair if you can't attend your own convention. The sooner the better because it looks like they go first come first serve. Even if you can't be a delegate you should try to be an alternate. Tell your liberty loving friends to as well!

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