State Senator Frank Wagner tried to ban nominations by a political party outside of government elections and sponsored legislation ruled Unconstitutional that would have given unelected bureaucrats the ability to tax the people. Frank Wagner now has his sights on defeating Libertarians and Conservatives with in the Republican Party.

Frank Wagner is running to become the 2nd District's Republican Party Chairman despite doing little to nothing if not sabotaging Republicans and failed to follow the Republican Party Creed of free market enterprise and limited government.

He is establishment and funded by Eric Cantor's allies to defeat us.

We need your help if you live in the district to support his opponent Curtis Colgate and vote for him in April at the district convention. Please like Curtis Colgate's Facebook Page or contact his campaign to find out how to attend.

This is a must win for the Liberty movement and everyone in Virginia Beach. You can also like the Facebook Page Primary Frank Wagner to help hold Frank Wagner accountable.