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Thread: Liberty folks running for State Supreme Court

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    Default Liberty folks running for State Supreme Court

    Joe Pool for Supreme Court Place 6
    Sharon McCally for Supreme Court Place 8

    See also,

    Robert Talton for Supreme Court Chief Justice.

    Talton isn't one of us. But is worth supporting over Hecht.

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    Empower Texans has an entirely different take…

    All three sitting justices on the Supreme Court being challenged have demonstrated the kind of judicial restraint conservatives expect from the Supreme Court. They have been widely praised by conservative lawmakers, attorneys and fellow judges.

    Mr. Hecht was recently appointed as the chief justice on the court. He is being challenged by former GOP State Rep. Robert Talton of Houston. In his last year in the House, Mr. Talton scored a 79 on the Fiscal Responsibility Index. Talton has never held a judicial post.

    Mr. Johnson, a decorated Air Force veteran of the war in Vietnam, is being challenged by Sharon McCally who sits on the state’s 14th Court of Appeals. McCally is, like Pool, being strongly supported by the plaintiff-bar trial lawyers eager to overturn the state’s successful tort reform measures.

    Mr. Brown is being challenged by attorney Joe Pool, Jr., who was briefly a candidate for Railroad Commission trumpeting as experience the fact his father was an “at-large” congressmen from Texas. Pool has employed a Democrat hack-lawyer in trying (unsuccessfully) to kick Brown off the ballot. Pool’s contribution have come largely from trial lawyers.
    I am well aware that Empower Texans is more “conservative” than it is “libertarian” and I sometimes disagree with their endorsements (most notably, Comptroller). With that said, I’m curious as to why you support the three challengers.

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    Empower Texans bought into the TLR Money. (Trail lawyers association) to endorse all of the Perry appointed incumbents. The tort reform thing is just a scare tactic to use against conservatives. (TLR Spends the most money in texas elections) When it comes to the attack against pool on him hiring a Democrat lawyer that is true. simply because he wanted to win his case. Hire someone because of their merits on winning cases not because of their political ideology. Why did Pool want Jeff Broun off the ballot? Because that SITTING Justice's petitions to get on the ballot were SOOOO bad that theirs a possibility he could be thrown off before the general letting the first Democrat in 20 years to be elected statewide. How were they bad? Expired notaries, petitions not filed out, people signing AFTER the notary had signed off on it. Something a sitting Supreme Court justice should know.

    Since when does Empower Texans care about their own scorecard? Certainly not in the comptrollers race.

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