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Thread: Brian Goldberg for US Senate

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    Brian Goldberg for US Senate

    Hey guys! Please check out Brian Goldberg! He is running for US Senate against Cory Booker in November!

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    Brian D. Goldberg is seeking the Republican nomination to be New Jersey's next United States Senator.
    Promoting the concept of Empowerment, not Entitlement, Mr. Goldberg brings a positive message to the race.
    As a businessman, Mr. Goldberg has practical experience in the areas that matter most to NJ voters. Although a newcomer as a candidate, Brian has been active in party politics from the local to the federal level for many years. He'll combine that experience with his business experience to seek Win-Win solutions to the nation's biggest challenges, providing NJ with a new voice in Washington.
    To learn more about Brian, please visit his website at; his facebook page; and his youtube channel

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    Brian Goldberg is a RINO disguised as a Republican. Ron Paul endorsed Dr. Murray Sabrin in the NJ Senate race, and I encourage you to update your endorsement. Brian Goldberg is the status quo of American politics. Get behind the liberty movement's candidate, Dr. Murray Sabrin.

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