A statewide seminar will be held on Saturday, February 22nd. 2014 from 12 PM to 3 PM to educate people on the dangers of Common Core with the goal of garnering enough support to call for a hearing at the State Capitol.

Key speakers include:

-A professor who will talk about the effects of Common Core on special needs children. Testing related to Common Core.

-A teacher who does not agree with Common Core.

-A guest from NY who will close out the meeting and explain what is going on in their state and others.

-Speakers will talk about the changes in the FERPA laws and the data mining that will occur along with Common Core.

I am looking into radio talk show coverage and I am inviting media to come to this meeting. I will also be inviting all gubernatorial candidates to attend and Board of Education members from various towns.

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION. We as parents and/or Americans need to speak up for our children, our nation's future, and our rights. Anyone who has a talent or something they can contribute is more than welcome to help.

Attending the event is free. If you can donate funds of any amount to help with the purchase of materials for this event, here is the link:


Directions to the Senior Center:


Portland Senior Center

7 Waverly Avenue

Portland, CT 06480

2/22/14, 12 PM to 3 PM

Please consider PASSING THIS ON AND INVITING EVERYONE YOU KNOW. We will need volunteers for Power Point presentations, fliers, refreshments.

If you have any questions or know a way to help please contact Jessica Chiong email: Jessicachiong AT yahoo.com