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Thread: Iowa GOP's direction at stake in caucuses

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    I'm going. Bringing friends and family. We'll see what happens.

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    Paul may have lost, but his delegates stayed involved and took over the state party. Members of the establishment watched with increasing frustration as donor phone calls went un-returned. Long-time activists were de-friended on Facebook. The party’s bottom line sagged.

    Several county party organizations have called on Spiker to resign. Congressional district-level executive committees have formed to provide more oversight over the state party, a step party operatives said was unprecedented in recent history. And Branstad has turned his campaign’s attention to organizing Tuesday’s caucuses; if Branstad succeeds in installing allies on the central committee, the committee can force a chairman out of office immediately.
    And here's why it is important to show up. Yes, many of us here who aren't in Iowa can do little more than online cheerleading and bite our nails in anticipation of the news, but this is still vital to those down there. Prove that off-season stuff is important. When they say the new folks only show up during election season and nothing else, they aren't always wrong. Here's a time to prove them wrong, though, and be present. I know little to nothing about Spiker's job as Chairman, fundraising, the numbers liberty folks have in Iowa, but going off what I've read, it's vital to be present. Here's hoping that happens.

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    From an article excerpt:

    In Adair County, about 50 people showed up at Greenfield City Hall for the countywide Republican caucus, which County Chairman Ryan Frederick described as the best turnout he could recall for a mid-term caucus without a presidential straw poll.

    In Grundy County in northeast Iowa, about 10 people attended County Chairman Brian Andersen’s caucus in Reinbeck and he described attendance as “low.”...There weren’t any disputes at the caucus and Andersen said he didn’t think any particular faction within the party tried to influence the meeting.

    Polk County GOP Chairman Will Rogers attended the caucus site in Des Moines’ Beaverdale neighborhood, where he said attendance exceeded expectations and was “probably better than 2010.”..Rogers said he saw no caucus participants who were “overt” about their allegiance to the Ron Paul-inspired Liberty movement or any other segment of the party.
    That last one: good. The last thing the Party needs is to keep labeling folks as 'Paulites,' Paulbots and so on because it's just as venomous a label as 'fringe' or 'divider' and so on. Though hopefully that doesn't mean folks there just rolled over and accepted what was thrown at them, either.

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    Good turnout tonight. I think liberty republicans did well. Very good in my county. Hearing good things from around the state.

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    Any updates on how things turned out?
    “Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?” - Oxenstiern

    Violence will not save us. Let us love one another, for love is from God.

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    I can't speak specifics but like I said above, things look good. I don't know how good but good. I don't know who scans this forum so I don't want to reveal my hand. Turnout was low, especially compared to 2012 but that happens in midterm years. So who knows...

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    It will grow in preparation for Rand.

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