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Thread: Sir Bob Geldof backs Russell Brandís call for political revolution

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    Sir Bob Geldof backs Russell Brandís call for political revolution

    If anyone was set to back Russell Brandís impassioned call for political revolution, as outlined in an essay for the New Statesman in November 2013, weíd have put money on Sir Bob Geldof doing the honours.

    The Boomtown Rats frontman and political activist echoed the comedianís sentiments, warning that the current democratic system "may not be viable for much longer". He also praised Brand for his "articulacy and expressing the anger of the moment".

    "We have to change and it needs to be in the context of how we live now rather than with some old-hat political ideal," Geldof told the Huffington Post UK.

    He went on to condemn capitalism as a failure. Banks, he says, have been allowed to go "out of control", while pure human greed has led to the invention of "completely spurious" financial products.

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    he's blaming capitalism. Sigh.

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    *Puke*. Another delusional "subject" of the inbred Germans currently "ruling" Britain.

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    Bob was behind "Band Aid" African relief program. He also played "Pink" the going- crazy rock star in Pink Floyd's "The Wall" movie. His big musical hit was "I Don't Like Mondays" which was about a girl who shot up people at a San Diego McDonalds- the first "mas shooting" by a kid in the US.

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    Do you remember Live Aid, when we were all so united in saving the world through music?
    Live Aid brought in more than $100 million and in July 1986 was still raising funds through follow-ups like — Fashion Aid, School-Aid, OnLine Aid and Sport Aid. It got Bob Geldof a nice knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II, so he may place “KBE” after his name. It also made Bono and U2 into superstars...

    In July 1986, the little known reporter Robert Keating exposed that the Live Aid millions were really supporting the genocide in Ethiopia!
    Keating discovered that the Ethiopian dictator, Mengistu, used the money from the west to buy weapons from the Soviets, giving him the largest, best equipped army in Africa so he could viciously crush the opposition.
    Keating showed that Geldof was warned about Mengistu. According to Medicins Sans Frontiers, Geldof famously ignored the warnings and said: “I’ll shake hands with the Devil on my left and on my right to get to the people we are meant to help”.

    Jason Clay, who studied the famine in Ethiopia explained:
    People are dying because of their government. And what groups like Live Aid are doing is helping the government set up a system that is going to cause people to die for decades to come.
    Claude Malhuret of Medicins sans Frontieres said:
    Western governments and humanitarian groups like Live Aid are fueling an operation that will be described with hindsight in a few years time as one of the greatest slaughters in the history of the twentieth century.
    The reality is that the massive amounts of deaths in Ethiopia wasn’t caused by nature but mostly by war. At the time Ethiopia was fighting 4 internal wars, the major fighting in the northern provinces of Tigre and Eritrea.
    The Ethiopian government brutally forced mass resettlements of millions and bombings killed more Ethiopians than the famine ever did. The Ethiopian army systematically destroyed farmlands, killed oxen, and used napalm on the starving population.

    US “help” was coordinated by the National Security Council. A secret White House report dated 5 May 1984, shows that the Reagan Administration knew of the “disaster situation” in Ethiopia, but chose to keep their hands off for political reasons.
    The US government accused the Ethiopians of selling the little grain from the US to the Soviets to buy military supplies.

    In 1985, hundreds of thousands of tons of food from Live Aid rotted on the docks beside the Red Sea. Little food and medicine left the port cities of Assab and Massawa, because priority was given to unloading military hardware.
    The Band Aid Trust finally chartered ships to transport goods into Ethiopia, 19 voyages brought in more than 100,000 tons of food. But then the Ethiopian government confiscated tons of food to pay its army in grain or to trade for arms.

    The food was also used to lure Ethiopians to resettlement camps, to be “relocated”. More than 600,000 victims were relocated this way, and some 100,000 died in the savage transport.
    In the spring of 1986, 70,000 people were being moved each week. The resettlement program would move 33 million Ethiopians, more than three-quarters of the population, to state villages.

    Bonnie Holcomb commented:
    More lives can be saved by stopping aid.
    Food has been given to Ethiopia for humanitarian purposes, but it has served as bait in a trap that is part of an ongoing program to restructure Ethiopia’s society.
    (archived here:
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    Google and Yahoo wouldnít block them without a very good reason:

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