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Thread: ACTION ALERT SB507 Bill to ban nominating conventions

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    ACTION ALERT SB507 Bill to ban nominating conventions

    There is a bill in the State Senate (SB507) with a companion bill in the House, that would effectively ban conventions, party canvasses, firehouse primaries, and mass meetings from being methods of nomination for political parties.

    This bill will set back the grassroots/anti-establishment movement for years, probably decades.

    The bill comes up before the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee on Tuesday. Mark Obenshain is the chairman of the committee and he is on our side, however he will likely be outvoted. We need to call the rest of the committee, especially the Republicans, and tell them to oppose the bill.

    In addition, contact your delegate and senator and tell them to vote NO.

    This bill has a real chance of passing, and McAuliffe has said he will sign it. We must pull out all the stops to kill it, and hold accountable those who support it.

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    From: John Tate
    Date sent 01/17/2014 04:01:56 pm
    Subject: We are going to shut you up and shut you out

    Campaign for Liberty

    Dear Patriot,

    The subject line above says it all.

    That’s what some misguided politicians in Richmond want to do to you and me.

    Statist politicians in both parties here in Virginia are trying yet again to take away even more of your constitutional rights and trample on 200+ years of Old Dominion history by BANNING nominating conventions!

    Sen. Frank Wagner (R) and Del. Scott Taylor (R) have introduced SB 507 and HB 194, which outlaw nominating conventions - stripping power over candidate selection from grassroots activists and placing it in the hands of establishment politicians and their high-priced consultants.

    I’ll tell you more in a minute, but first I need you to contact your state senator and delegate and tell them to oppose SB 507 and HB 194. Since SB 507 will have a hearing at 4pm on Tuesday, January 21, in the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections, we need to act fast!

    These bills would force political parties into state-run, and taxpayer-funded, primaries for nominations, completely removing the preference of private political parties and their activists from the equation.

    This is a naked power grab, plain and simple, by the political establishment and their consulting class cronies that stand to benefit from the costly - and taxpayer-financed - primary process that favors big money over grassroots involvement.

    Conventions not only allow for more participation from grassroots activists, but they also demand more interaction from candidates with their prospective constituents. Primaries are also a far more costly affair, and you - the taxpayer - are left picking up the tab!

    Candidates favored by the establishment, who can raise millions of dollars and afford major ad buys, have an advantage in primaries even though they do not reflect the values and agenda of the party’s grassroots.

    The Virginia General Assembly has no business telling a private political party how to nominate their candidates. And they certainly have no business forcing you to pay for expensive primaries in order to help the establishment's hand-picked, big-money candidates.

    Please, click here to find contact information for your delegate and state senator and send them an email this weekend. Urge them to reject SB 507 and HB 194!

    In Liberty,

    John Tate

    P.S. For over 200 years, conventions have been a key part of Virginia politics. Conventions provide for the greatest level of grassroots participation and force candidates to directly interact with their prospective constituents instead of relying on high-priced consultants and costly, misleading TV ads.

    SB 507 and HB 194 would outlaw nominating conventions, forcing taxpayers to pay for expensive primaries. These would empower the political establishment and the consulting class while disenfranchising grassroots activists.

    SB 507 will have a hearing this coming Tuesday, so we need to act fast! Please click here to find your state senator and delegate’s contact information. Email them today and urge them to oppose SB 507 and HB 194.

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    Please show your disapproval of this bill by liking this Facebook Page for the sponsors of this bill. While on the surface the text reads providing absentee voting for Military and others associated with the Military the agenda is one to help politicians and special interests and hurt the engaged grassroots.

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    The bill died in committee, solely due to vocal grassroots opposition. Several of the senators who voted to kill it in committee were visibly upset and opposed to their own votes but did what was demanded of them. The next day the sponsor of the House parallel bill pulled his bill from consideration. The threat is eliminated for this session.

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