Could they change voting habits?

This box shows the idea of "traffic light" labeling in the lower right corner. The logos come from various sources. ( / January 7, 2014)

Would you fill that 16-ounce cup with sugary soda if it had a red light on the dispenser? Or might you move to the faucet for water and its green light? Researchers tracked food and drink choices in a big Boston hospital and found that those "traffic light" signals influence choices, even for two years.
It’s long-term change that many experts trying to reverse the obesity epidemic consider the brass ring. The notion of making the healthy choice the easy choice — such as a traffic light system that doesn’t require label reading — has gained some currency.
The researchers reported Tuesday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that sales of “red” foods decreased from 24% of food sales at the start to 20% at two years; red beverages went from 26% of beverage sales to 17% at two years. Green foods sales grew from 41% to 46%, and green beverages from 52% to 60%.

Imagine if those lights represented a overall voting score? Civil rights, foreign policy, votes constitutionally, taxes, spending - things like that, and slap on a url to a NEUTRAL political site that tracks congress critters voting records.

What to do with them... well, are you defacing or enhancing a yard sign, poster or bumper sticker by providing this "extra" information? The ideal spot for them would be on the yard-signs approaching voter sites.

We could also get so good at producing and distributing this stuff in the opposition camps that a lot of it gets picked up and distributed as their own...

thoughts?, comments?, considerations?

I suspect some here will be against "enhancing" other peoples signs.