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Thread: Flash drive = Bomb?

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    Flash drive = Bomb?

    Seems as though the propaganda is working......

    Bomb scare triggers emergency landing at Kansas City airport

    A passenger plane made an emergency landing Sunday afternoon after a suspicious-looking device was discovered on board, authorities said.

    American Airlines Flight 24, which had taken off from San Francisco International Airport and was headed to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, landed at Kansas City International Airport around 1:30 p.m., airport spokesman Joe McBride said.

    The landing was made after someone found a flash drive taped to the bathroom wall, McBride said.

    The Boeing 767 was isolated to one side of the airport, and all 227 passengers and crew members were evacuated.

    The plane was being thoroughly searched.

    No injuries were reported.

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    They should be storing all that data that was on the flash drive on "the cloud" so the NSA could examine every shred of it.

    Apparently a new definition of Terrorist has been created.

    No Cloud = Terrorist.
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