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Thread: e-cigarette ban protest Jan 1st @ Capitol Building

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    e-cigarette ban protest Jan 1st @ Capitol Building

    In response to Governor Drone's executive order extending the smoking ban on state property to electronic cigarettes, there will be a protest / CD event on the south steps of the State Capitol building on Jan 1st (New Years' Day) at 1:00 PM. At least several of our Parking Lot Delegates will be attending, and I will be there myself, if any of you would like to meet up.

    Governor Fallin’s ban on e-Cigarettes have angered many people from every political spectrum, so much so that they have decided to band together and come together for a ‘Civil Disobedience’ march on the Oklahoma State Capitol come January 1st when the new e-Cigarette ban goes into effect.
    Here is the announcement that was shared on Houchen’s Facebook timeline:

    “Bring your Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes, E-Cigs, Snuff and Chew for a good ole time of of much needed, peaceful, Civil Disobedience. Even if you do none of these but feel state gov’t is encroaching on the civil liberties of individual, especially with the Executive Order issued by Gov. Mary Fallin BANNING E-Cigarettes and vaping devices on state property — this DOES include State Parks and ALL state property. Then join us at 1:00pm on New Years Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol — South Steps. This will not take a great deal of time.
    By-the-way: This is NOT an encouragement to take up smoking!!!”
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    Not a large turnout, but still a good gathering of activists. I did happen to run into someone who was also calling out Congressman cole at his town hall back in August, which was nice. Too bad more members of our state legislature weren't there. Here's a couple of the news articles I've found so far, I'll post any additional articles if I see them. Of course, if any of you find any I missed, please post them!
    Smoking is illegal on state property, but dozens were doing just that Wednesday at the state capitol. They were protesting a ban on e-cigarettes that took effect Jan. 1.

    The group says they believe Gov. Mary Fallin overstepped her authority when she banned e-cigarettes on all state property. Gerene Taylor was among the more than two dozen protestors. She was a smoker for 15 years, but was holding an e-cig. She says since she started using it, she hasn't had a cigarette in six weeks.

    "I'm a person that does not have a strong fortitude, so it's amazing that it has worked," Taylor said.

    But late last month, Fallin signed an executive order prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes on all state-owned and leased properties, saying the long term health impacts are unknown and the ban is to protect the health of employees and visitors to state properties.

    "The executive office is supposed to execute the laws of the land, not make the laws of the land," said Howard Houchen, one of the organizers of the protest. "The legislature has not acted on e-cigarettes and vaping devices."

    The one legislator at the protest: State Rep. Richard Morrisette, who told the crowd his mother was a smoker and died because of it. He believes this isn't a health issue, but a financial one.

    "Follow the money, there's got to be a root of this somewhere," said Morrisette, (D) - OKC.

    Many of the protestors not only smoked prohibited e-cigarettes, but banned pipes and banned tobacco products in what they called an act of civil disobedience. They say there are hoping to send a "smoke signal" of sorts.

    "All we are asking is for a fair shot," said Houchen. "Give us our voice with our representatives and our state senators. Let us provide them with information."
    Gov. Mary Fallin’s recent ban on the use of electronic cigarettes on state property drew about 30 protestors to the Capitol on New Year’s Day.

    Late last month Fallin issued the executive order banning electronic cigarettes, including vaporizers, on state property effective Wednesday.

    Critics say she has overstepped her bounds by using an executive order to create law. They also say she is infringing on people’s civil liberties.

    “You have to have a line in the sand somewhere,” said Howard Houchen of Hugo.

    He said residents vote for lawmakers to represent them but that Fallin is bypassing legislators’ authority by issuing executive orders.

    Sherri Stone of Claremore tried several products to quit smoking before reducing her smoking by using a vaporizer, she said.

    “This works,” she said.

    She said the vapor from the product is less harmful than hair spray or air freshener.

    T.C. Ryan of Tulsa said the executive order is “over reaching” and “crazy.”

    Ted King of Claremore wrote a self-published book about what he calls the “war on smokers” and the “nanny state.”

    He said residents are slowly losing their freedoms.

    A few years ago, people would have thought a law barring a person from smoking a pipe on state property was absurd, King said.

    Fallin issued an executive order that went into effect in August 2012 that banned the use of tobacco on state property. That executive order followed by a legislative bill that she signed into law last April.

    “She is not my parent,” King said. “She is just the governor.”

    If technology has been developed to assist people in smoking less, it should be embraced, he said.

    Political activist Kaye Beach of Norman said using a vaporizer has reduced her smoking, adding that “this little issue has gotten me really outraged.”

    Technology is saving lives and liberating people from smoking, Beach said.

    Rep. Richard Morrissette, D-Oklahoma City, said the state has more important issues, such as fixing the crumbling state Capitol.

    King predicted that the executive order is not the end of infringements on people’s rights, adding that eventually all-you-can-eat buffets will be banned because they contribute to obesity.

    “Choices are being taken away from us every day,” said Houchen.

    Fallin spokesman Michael McNutt said the issue is not about civil liberties.

    He said Fallin was within her power to issue the executive order, adding that lawmakers can take action if they see fit.

    He said the concern is that employees and visitors to state buildings might be subjected to breathing vapors that might be unhealthy.

    When Fallin signed the executive order last month, she noted that e-cigarettes and vaporizing devices are unregulated products and that their long-term health effects are unknown.
    Check out the comments section for the Tulsa World article. Were those all written by fallin staffers?

    edit: The channel 9 link includes a video, which includes a cameo by yours truly.
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    next time you know about a protest flag the post and I will add it to activism efforts if I think it worthy, this would have been

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    Vaping is no longer allowed on state property.
    The Governor Mary Fallin's executive order banning e-cigarettes went into effect Wednesday, but not without protest.
    The ban is to promote public health, but some e-cig users say it will do just the opposite.

    It's now against the law to vape on state property, but that didn't stop protesters from defying the ban Wednesday, outraged at what they consider an infringement on their personal freedom.

    "I've met the governor once in my life," said Ted King. "I really don't think we've got the relationship where she can tell me how to live my life."

    The governor's executive order adds e-cigs to the existing ban of tobacco products, a move she and state health leaders said was to protect the health of state employees and visitors.

    Earlier this month, OK Health and Human Services Director Terry Cline said, "With e-cigarettes, it's an unregulated product. We have no guarantees over what's in the product itself."

    But many of the protesters dispute claims vaping is harmful and say e-cigs are helping them quit smoking.

    " I can't imagine how it would be in the public's best interest to make these less accessible," said Kaye Beach, who says she has gone from smoking a pack a day to barely at all since she started vaping.

    Another protester, Michael Rharll, said, "You want choices. You want to help people quit, then help them quit. Don't take away their choices Don't limit their choices."

    It's not just about health. When the governor signed the order in December, she stated the existing smoking ban would be easier to enforce. In part of her statement she said, "Many electronic cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes and emit a vapor that looks like smoke. This creates confusion for employees and visitors...."

    "It just doesn't add up. and when something doesn't add up... you know there's a rat in the woodpile somewhere," said State Representative Richard Morrissette, the only lawmaker to join protesters, upset the governor chose to bypass legislative approval.

    "Follow the money," said Rep. Morrissette. "As this story progresses, we will learn where this executive order originated from. I doubt it has anything to do with health initiatives. It has to do with special interests talking in her ear."

    Governor Mary Fallin has encouraged all employees to take advantages of resources to quit smoking and using e-cigarettes. The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline number is (800) 784-8669 (or (800) QUIT NOW) or you can visit

    This TV station's article just went up, but no video yet (they'll probably put it up after the broadcast). edit: video has been added to the link given above

    CaseyJones, I can certainly do that. There's lots of good activism going on here in OK, I'm going to try to be more active in this section of the forum.
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    Here's a couple more articles:
    A small group of Oklahoma's took to the state's capitol building Wednesday to protest Governor Mary Fallin's decision to ban electronic cigarettes on state property.

    Fallin's put forward the executive order back in December and the new law went into effect on Jan. 1. Her decision makes it illegal to use the e-cigarettes on state property such as the capitol.

    "E-cigarettes release vapor that contains chemicals that can impact employees and visitors to state property," Fallin said. "Additionally, many electronic cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes and emit a vapor that looks like smoke. This creates confusion for employees and visitors and presents enforcement challenges for state agencies."

    On Wednesday the group of protestors gathered outside the state capitol to dispute the Fallin's claims that using the products is harmful. They added that the e-cigarettes have helped them quit traditional smoking.

    "I've met the governor once in my life," protestor Ted King told Tulsa's Channel 8's sister station, Fox 25. "I really don't think we've got the relationship where she can tell me how to live my life."

    Health officials in Oklahoma have stated they are unaware of the health effects involved in using e-cigarettes because they are "unregulated products."

    Oklahomans looking to quit tobacco products can contact the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-784-8669 or

    Not much of an article here, but this one also includes another video:
    A group of protesters upset with the governor's executive order to ban the use of defy e-cigarette's on state property took part in a protest at the state capitol.

    Several dozen people took part in the protest, many defying the order by using e-cigs in the process. The group says the governor has gone too far in issuing the ban.
    I have an autographed copy of Revolution: A Manifesto for sale. Mint condition, inquire within. (I don't sign in often, so please allow plenty of time for a response)

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